100 Top CEOs Plot To Punish States Which Pass ‘Restrictive’ Voting Laws

(Patriot Insider) – America is on the verge of being run by oligarchs. Wealthy, powerful corporate elites are threatening to punish states that adopt stricter laws to protect election integrity in America.

It seems as though the elite corporate wokies are in need of a basic civics lesson on how government works in the US. These wealthy, privileged oligarch-wannabes appear to lack even the most basic of understanding.

Continuing with the false narrative that black people don’t have access to government-issued ID, more than 100 of the country’s top corporate leaders gathered together for a Zoom meeting with the purpose of organizing opposition to election integrity laws like the ones recently signed into law in Georgia.

The vast majority of state legislatures in the US are working towards improved election integrity laws, including the unnecessarily controversial voter ID laws. Currently, lawmakers in 47 states have introduced 361 bills in regards to elections and at least 55 are moving through the legislatures in 24 states.

Corporate America wokies, however, have decided to put their collective foot down and demand that lawmakers and US citizens bow down and conform to their wills and false narratives.

In other words, they’re terrified of the progressive “cancel” mob and are willing to do anything to keep them off their backs, even if that means advocating for loose election laws that invite fraud and corruption.

Jeffery Sonnenfeld, a management professor at Yale University helped organize the event that took place on Saturday.

He called the meeting an “enthusiastic voluntary statement of defiance against threats of reprisals for exercising their patriotic voices,” according to CBS News.

He asserted that the corporate elites who met Saturday “recognize that they need to step up to the plate and are not fearful of these reprisals.”

“They’re showing a disdain for these political attacks. Not only are they fortifying each other, but they see that this spreading of disease of voter restrictions from Georgia to up to possibly 46 other states is based on a false premise and its’ anti-democratic,” he stated.

These corporate elites are in bed with the radical left and the radical left can clearly see that Americans do not want a repeat of the stolen 2020 election. Laws protecting US elections have become a top priority for Americans and GOP lawmakers alike.

The radical left is using their wealthy friends in Corporate America now to bully states into conforming to the false narrative that stricter election laws are “racist” and “oppressive.”

In reality, these Corporate CEOs are just outright hypocrites. How many of these companies require ID for consumers to be able to access their services or products?

Not only that but Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) called them out for being opposed to election laws on account of “racism” but then supporting and even sponsoring the Olympics to be held in China next winter.

She wrote on Twitter, “How many of these CEOs that are so concerned that Georgia requires ID to vote are also sponsoring the #GenocideGames in communist China next winter?”

Among the guests at the Zoom meeting were Arthur Blank, owner of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons; James Murdoch, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch; Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart; Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines; Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines; Chip Bergh, chairman of Levi Strauss Company; and Reid Hoffman, CEO of LinkedIn.

Sonnenfeld told CBS that he had invited 120 CEOs with around 50 hours notice and was “praying” that at least 25 would show up. Naturally, the majority of the CEOs showed up resulting in 90 CEOs and another 30 invited guests “including legal experts, technology experts and historians” attending.

This bizarre coalition of CEOs and “experts” is truly bizarre. What exactly do they think they’re going to accomplish? Americans want better election security and integrity, period.

Corporate America is attempting to behave like an oligarchy and dictate to American consumers how the country should be run. Inviting “experts” to join this charade only illustrates just how arrogant and out-of-touch these wealthy elites truly are.

Voter ID laws are not “racist.” As a matter of fact, the idea that they are racist is actually what’s truly racist.

A Rasmussen national survey last month found that 69% of likely black voters and 75% overall believe voters support ID laws. Conservative personality Candace Owens has spoken out against the absurd notion that black people are somehow incapable of obtaining proper ID.

“Black people know how to get ID,” she wrote on Twitter, with the hashtags #coke and #delta.

“Pretending we are too stupid to figure out how to get to the DMV is an insult and speaks volumes about what Democrats truly think about us.”

Not only Democrats but Corporate America as well.

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  1. Appalled, because I imagine most of these people have ID requirements on the job, some events, and I expect they live in exclusive neighborhoods whose hired help is required to have IDs. I had an annual blood workup at a lab, and was required to show my ins card and ID. For both of my vaccine shots, I was required to show my ID. Seems as though fraud goes on in medical services too! Do these poobahs require IDs to attend corp meetings? To enjoy their country clubs?

  2. Voter ID laws are not “racist.” As a matter of fact, the idea that they are racist is actually what’s truly racist. I agree with this statement and minority races should be pissed that these liberal socialists think that they are to stupid to be able to obtain and ID!

  3. Already done with American Airlines, CocaCola, Levi Strauss (their jeans are made in Mexico or China), Nike, Disney and ALL professional sports! Cannot wait til these CEO’s wake up to reality!


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