36-Year-Old Woman “Gang Raped” By Migrant Group After Talking To Them “About Their Situation”

(Patriot Insider) – Liberals claim that in order to be the best America we can possibly be we have to embrace “diversity” and stop expecting immigrants to assimilate. The Democrats clearly believe the way to achieve this diverse dystopia is by doing away with our immigration system and completely opening our borders.

Of course, around the world where liberals have taken control over immigration policies the results have been skyrocketing crime rates, specifically violent crimes against women, among a myriad of other problems.

The diversifying of the world by allowing migrants to settle wherever their heart desires has not proven to be a good thing for humanity, not by any stretch of the imagination.

When a 36-year-old, presumably woke, woman decided to chat with a group of four migrants about their situation, they allegedly gang raped her in a reminder to the world about what happens when all cultures are deemed good and equal.

The woman was reportedly assaulted by the migrant group while she was visiting Agua La Perra park in the town of Mogan on the Spanish holiday island of Gran Canaria. She was treated by a doctor before reporting the gang rape. Since reporting the crime, Spain’s Civil Guard has apprehended the four suspects after doing an investigation.

The only way for the globalists to accomplish their goal of a one world government is by abolishing borders and dividing the people of the world by breaking down their cultures, wiping away their history, and destroying all the things that bind us together.

In a nutshell, that’s what “diversity” accomplishes.

While woke liberals believe diversity is the pinnacle strength of humanity, the reality is that it’s destructive and dangerous.

The entire system being used to resettle supposed refugees right now is riddled with corruption and is being run by bribes rather than legitimate humanitarian need.

The Democrats want to get America involved in this crooked system and bring in droves of refugees despite the myriad of problems it’s caused all across Europe.

European cities are becoming less safe by the day. Massive migrant populations have taken over entire sections of once beautiful cities around France, Germany, Norway and many other countries.

The police don’t even go into these zones where migrants have taken over. In some of these areas, the Muslim populations actually operate under Sharia law.

Organized crime syndicates have flooded Europe as well. Drugs and prostitution are rampant and violent crimes continue to skyrocket.

Not only are these cities becoming more and more dangerous. These migrants don’t have any regard whatsoever for the history and culture of the cities they have overtaken. They vandalize and destroy landmarks and historical sites.

This is exactly the kind of chaos and destruction the globalists want and now liberals in the US have been sold on this dangerous and deadly lie of diversity.

Unless something changes, and fast, the United States may be facing an irreversible fact from which there will be no escape and no remedy.

The Democrats, who are doing the bidding of wealthy and powerful globalists, are dead-set on ushering in the end of America and establishing a new, unrecognizable entity in its place.

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