Amazon, Barnes & Noble Pull Fauci’s Upcoming Book As Emails Exposes COVID Scam

(Patriot Insider) – The jig is up for America’s Health Czar Dr. Fauci. BuzzFeed reporter Jason Leopold obtained hundreds of pages of Fauci’s emails by means of the Freedom of Information Act and what they’re proving to the world is that Dr. Fauci is and has always been a fraud.

For anyone with common sense and a working brain, Dr. Fauci has not been a man to be trusted yet the left put their blind faith in him from the beginning. The man who had a vested, financial interest in protecting the Wuhan lab in China where the virus most definitely originated, was put in charge of the cover-up and US response to the “pandemic.”

Nobody in the media dared to question this. None of the talking heads on CNN or MSNBC had the integrity to call Fauci out for his constant flip-flopping and lies concerning the virus.

The mainstream media has been sitting at Fauci’s feet for the last year but now it looks like Fauci is getting exposed and canceled, whether the mainstream elites like it or not.

Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon have made the decision to pull Dr. Fauci’s upcoming book “Expect the Unexpected” from their online shops and rightfully so.

Fauci is being exposed as the charlatan and the fraud that he has always been. This man doesn’t deserve to make millions off a book, he deserves to be arrested and tried for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Amazon removed the book from their listing, deleted its description, and took away the preorder option as of Wednesday while Barnes & Noble deleted the books page on their website.

The removal of the books by these two major national book sellers came just hours after the emails were released and revealed that Fauci knew all along that face masks were an ineffective measure to stop the spread of the virus.

They also exposed Fauci dismissing the theory that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab despite the fact that he knew it was a valid and likely theory.

In one of the emails, a researcher who funded the Wuhan lab thanked Fauci directly for downplaying and dismissing the idea that the lab leaked the virus.

Reports are now suggesting that the White House is even looking for a way to cancel Fauci. Senior Editor at Human Events Jack Posobiec tweeted that the White House is looking into “an exit strategy for Dr. Anthony Fauci following the release of his emails.”

You know it’s got to be bad when the fraudulent and corrupt Biden regime is even looking for a way to cancel him.

The mainstream media talking heads haven’t been as quick to turn on Fauci, however. After all, if they turned on Fauci they might have to finally admit that the entire pandemic was largely driven by the inaccurate disinformation they were reporting along with their constant fear-mongering.

On Wednesday, Fauci made an appearance on MSNBC for his first interview since the emails were released.

Host Nicole Wallace used the opportunity to predictably trash President Trump and Dr. Fauci took advantage of the airtime by implying that Americans are just too stupid to understand his emails while giving America a “how science works” 101 lesson.

Just when it couldn’t possibly get any more nauseating, Wallace fawns over Fauci and tells him that “The true mark of someone is if they look good even when their personal emails come out, so you pass the test very few of us would pass.”

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