“Aren’t You Tired Of This Tyranny?!” Maskless Man Being Thrown Out Of Costco Asks Crowd — They Respond “No!”

(Patriot Insider) – Over the course of the last year, the federal and state governments have been conditioning the masses into blind obedience and submission.

The entire COVID ordeal has been blown epically out of proportion. Actual science has never justified the measures taken to supposedly “flatten the curve” or “stop the spread.”

Not only has real science been abandoned, leftist media sycophants and politicians alike have been relentlessly insisting that anyone who dares buck against the “new normal” aren’t just disobedient, they’re morally bad people who hate others and want people to die.

The shaming of dissidents has become commonplace and accepted among the masses of Americans who are content blindly taking orders and following absurd mandates in exchange for feeling safe from the coronavirus.

What’s most disturbing is that the government doesn’t have to be very aggressive at all when forcing Americans to obey. With the help of Big Tech, the establishment media and Corporate America, enough Americans have been successfully conditioned to believe the COVID lies and propaganda and are happy to do the government’s bidding.

The government can simply rely on these brainwashed, lockstep citizens to police and shame fellow Americans who make the decision to live freely and refuse to comply with tyrannical orders and mandates.

These are some truly unprecedented, scary times America is facing.

Those of us who just want our freedoms and liberties to be respected and the Constitution upheld, find ourselves up against an angry mob of our neighbors, friends and families.

It’s one thing to stand up to the government, it’s a whole other thing and requires a totally different kind of courage to have to stand up to the very people we share our lives and public spaces with.

In a video posted to TikTok earlier this week, one man finds himself surrounded by Costco employees because he has refused to don the mask.

The man is literally surrounded by 8 employees while an angry mob of customers also begins to congregate all for the sin of not wearing the mask.

In the video the man asks the crowd if anyone is “tired of the tyranny” to which many people yell out “no!”

Whoever would have thought we would see the day when Americans would openly embrace full-fledged tyranny and the complete disregard of the US Constitution?

The video shows the man being escorted out of Costco by the group of 8 employees.

“Ya’ll see this? I got eight Costco employees,” he says, before asking loudly, “Is anybody tired of this tyranny?”

“You love tyranny!” the man says in response to the “no’s” from the employees and crowd who then begin shouting for him to leave the store.

He starts chanting “no more masks!” as a few others join him while they are being thrown out of the store.

The man isn’t finished yet. Before leaving he says, “You know what’s funny? In 6 months or a year you’re gonna be looking for people like me to stand for you.”

“Where’s the men at? Where’s the freaking men at that will stand for your liberty?” he asks just before the video ends.

That truly is a good question. Where are all the men who are willing and brave enough to stand up to this government tyranny? Have that many men really been completely emasculated by the feminist movement and the radical left’s reality-denying agenda?

Despite the fact that this man found himself up against a mob of angry conformists and government appeasers, he is far from alone.

Tens of millions of Americans from shore to shore are tired of the COVID nonsense and only want our freedoms and liberties to be restored. Is that really asking so much?

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