As Biden Is Set To Open Up Detention Center For Kids, VP Harris Takes Heavy Fire, Remains Silent

(Patriot Insider) – As the Biden administration is getting set to open up a detention center for illegal alien children — which is for-profit — by the way, Vice President Kamala Harris has been quiet as a mouse, despite the fact she’s taking major heat over the issue due to her over-the-top complaining about this facility two years ago during former President Trump’s time in the White House.

A new report from BizPacReview says that this particular facility, which is based in Homestead, Florida, attracted a lot of negative attention during the height of the illegal alien crisis that took place back in 2019.

At that time, then-Sen. Harris, along with a number of other Democrats, took a trip to the facility and made the claim it was a “human rights abuse” and the center needed to be shuttered.

Harris then vowed to “end all for-profit detention centers” if she happened to be elected president. Don’t believe it? Here’s the tweet to prove it.

I mean, sure, she wasn’t elected president, but she is the current vice president. She should most definitely have a little pull and sway with the “Big guy,” right? Why isn’t she working to keep these facilities closed? This is the height of hypocrisy. It’s glaring right in everybody’s face.

Yet, as of Thursday of this week, there’s not been a single bit of push back from Harris on the opening of this facility. Could all of that talk back in 2019 been nothing but political posturing meant to help her nab the Democratic Party presidential nomination? Of course.

Her lack of push back isn’t exactly going over well with the Democratic Party base either.

Now, don’t think for a second this means that it’s wrong to detain illegal alien kids and adults. That’s not what’s being said here. We’re simply noting the hypocrisy of how folks on the left used the whole “kids in cages” narrative to paint former President Donald Trump as a racist, when in reality, they are doing a lot of the same policies.

The reason Trump detained these individuals is because you just can’t let people roam in and out of the country. All kinds of unsavory individuals cross the border all the time, looking to bring their criminal activity here to the United States. Detaining them helps to prevent that spread.

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  1. Yes, the “kids in cages” place needs to be shut down, AND, so must all the abortion facilities because they’re a “human rights abuse. I believe the fatality rate for “kids in cages” is 0% and the abortion facilities “human rights abuse” is 100%…. As for assisted suicide, I mean physician assisted suicide, no I mean euthanasia, wait I mean Death With Dignity, you’ll have to pardon me, I’m 73 years old and sick. Soon, they will come and get me and I won’t be able to attend my grandchildren’s wedding.


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