Associate Of Pelosi’s Son Faces 20 Years In Prison

(Patriot Insider) – Joe and Hunter Biden aren’t the only ones with personal ties to Ukraine. Is it any wonder that our federal government is enthusiastically standing with Ukraine? You think there might be a reason for that other than “Putin bad?”

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and in light of the US-funded biolabs that are potentially making bioweapons, it sure makes you wonder what exactly is really going on in Eastern Europe.

On top of Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s shady connections with Ukraine and a certain natural gas company called Burisma, it looks like Nancy Pelosi’s son is also involved in some shady business regarding Ukraine.

Now, we’ve learned that a man named Asa Saint Clair (pictured here) has been convicted of wire fraud for his role in running a scam called the World Sports Alliance. Asa Saint Clair just so happens to be a close associate of Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Jr., and Paul just so happened to be the man who represented the scam in Ukraine (screenshot here).

Saint Clair is facing 20 years in prison and there’s no telling what kind of information he might be willing to give in exchange for a lighter sentence.

The Campaign Show with Patrick Howley discussed Saint Clair’s conviction Thursday.

According to the Department of Justice, Damian Williams, a US Attorney, stated: “As a jury has now found, Asa Saint Clair used lies to defraud everyday people out of their hard-earned money by promising them guaranteed returns if they invested in a IGObit (screenshot here), a digital currency he claimed the World Sports Alliance was developing. Saint Clair touted the WSA as working closely with the UN to promote the values of sports and peace for a better world, while in reality promoting only the balance of his bank accounts.”

National File reported:

The World Sports Alliance was Asa Saint Clair’s front group that is accused of running a criminal cryptocurrency scam known as “IGObit” as well as international mining operations including in the diamond-rich, war-torn Central African Republic.

Paul Pelosi Jr. travelled to Kiev, Ukraine in July 2017 in his capacity as executive director of the Corporate Governance Initiative, a position that he accepted months earlier in February 2017. Pelosi Jr. said that he was in Ukraine to discuss a youth soccer partnership with the government, then led by former Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko.

The American Mirror, which flagged Pelosi Jr.’s appearance in 2017, preserved a clip of Pelosi Jr. on the Ukrainian station following the video’s removal from YouTube. Pelosi Jr. let slip that he was working in Ukraine with a group called the “World Sports Alliance.”

“Today we’re here to talk about soccer,” Paul Pelosi Jr. said in his television interview in Ukraine. “We recently got an endorsement from the World Sports Alliance and we’ve spoken with the Ukraine government about collaboration for soccer for young people. Ukraine has a great history in soccer and we hope to share in that tradition going forward.”

As you can plainly see, Ukraine and US government corruption has been a thing for years now. How can Americans continue to ignore what is so obvious?

All of these connections between Ukraine and US politicians coupled with the discovery of the US-funded biolabs all point to some serious US-Ukraine collusion especially regarding the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Russia has consistently maintained that they’re attempting to purge “Nazis” from Ukraine and some reports have indicated that inside these biolabs, scientists are working on bioweapons with the ability to target humans based on genetics.

In other words, Ukraine could design a bioweapon that could target ethnic Russians.

Doesn’t get much more “Nazi” than that!

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  1. Hey, Facebook “fact checkers,” explain to us again why you are labeling articles claiming Pelosi’s son is also working for Ukrainian companies in LUCRATIVE positions that he has NO experience for as “false information.” These “fact checkers” are LIARS who are STILL covering up for corrupt, GREEDY bribe-taking Demmunists who are using their KIDS as siphons to suck out MILLIONS of dollars in bribes from foreign countries. They are taking MONEY to act against the best interests of the United States. That USED to be called “TREASON” before the conniving, power- and money-hungry Demmunists STOLE control of our government. And the media who buried and covered up PROOF of their treason to help these power-mad LOONS get elected are JUST as guillty.


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