Attorneys Ordered To Destroy Seth Rich Evidence By April 28 And Durham’s Office Refuses To Intervene To Preserve It

(Patriot Insider) – In 2016, young Democrat employee Seth Rich was murdered in broad daylight in Washington DC. The incident has been sold as a robbery gone wrong but the reality is Seth Rich had a target on his back and those within the DNC had plenty of motive for wanting him dead.

Is it just a coincidence that Rich was murdered shortly after DNC emails were released by WikiLeaks to the public?

It’s also highly suspicious that the FBI has adamantly denied being involved with the investigation into Rich’s murder but evidence attorney Ty Clevenger discovered last year that the FBI was, in fact, lying about that.

Through FOIA requests, Clevenger discovered the FBI actually had evidence pertaining to Rich’s death and that the corrupt Deep State entity was purposefully concealing this evidence.

Attorneys who have been investigating Rich’s death have now been ordered to destroy all evidence pertaining to Rich’s murder by April 28.

Clevenger, who has been working to uncover the truth about Rich and his connection to the FBI and the Dems Russian Collusion hoax for years, reached out to Special Counsel John Durham in a letter asking him to “take steps to secure the evidence” but has received no response.

Is anyone surprised? It’s become clear that neither Durham or William Barr had any genuine interest in uncovering the truth about the Russian collusion hoax, the corrupt FBI or Rich’s suspicious murder.

After Clevenger did not receive any kind of response from Durham, he released his letter to The Gateway Pundit on Tuesday.

“Yesterday I learned that the evidence is due to be destroyed not later than April 28, 2021 pursuant to a protective order,” Clevenger wrote.

“I urge you again to take steps to secure the evidence and prevent its destruction, in no small part because I believe the public has a right to know what it reveals. I cannot discuss the exact nature of the evidence, however, because of the restrictions in the protective order.”

Clevenger goes on in the letter to assert that he believes Durham and Barr both attempted to “run out the clock” with the appearance of a legitimate investigation for the sake of appeasing President Trump but that the two have both been “acting in bad faith.”

Indeed, it would appear as though neither Barr nor Durham have accomplished anything that would finally uncover the truth and bring about justice in regards to the massive Russian collusion charade.

President Trump figured out that Barr and Durham were only playing him too.

The American people know the evidence proving the Russian collusion hoax was a huge set-up organized and carried out by Democratic operatives and corrupt Deep State FBI agents on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Americans already know the truth and yet the FBI and DOJ continue to play games and pretend to be working on getting to the bottom of it when in reality they’re just running defense and will never hold a single person accountable.

Seth Rich’s murder is connected to the Russian collusion hoax and the DNC yet Americans will likely never know the truth and no one will ever be held accountable.

The judicial system in America has been completely compromised.

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