AUDIT 2020 UPDATE: Arizona, Georgia And Pennsylvania Hold Enough Electoral College Votes To Change Election Outcome

(Patriot Insider) – We all knew the Democrats were going to do everything they could to steal the 2020 election. For months leading up to the election, President Trump warned that the only way he would lose is if the Democrats successfully employed fraudulent tactics and that’s exactly what they did.

Naturally, the sycophant media have been calling these predictions and later accusations “conspiracy theories” all along but those of us who have been paying attention know the truth.

Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election, at least not fairly and justly.

Between state officials going against state laws to change election procedures to blatant fraudulent activities, several states that should have gone to President Trump ended up going to Joe Biden.

What should have been a landslide victory for President Trump turned into one of the biggest scandals the world has ever seen.

The American people aren’t behind Joe Biden and his “America Last” approach to governing. Ever since he usurped the Oval Office he has done nothing but destroy America one executive order at a time.

He exudes weakness and the world truly is laughing at us now. How can they not? We have a “president” who can’t take a single question without using a note card and still manages to make remarkably bizarre comments and behave in the most cringey of ways.

Joe Biden is an international embarrassment and he’s leading the US down a path of destruction that we may never be able to recover from if something isn’t done soon.

Before the election was outright stolen from President Trump, he was leading in all of the contested states. He easily would have won had the Democrats’ chicanery not been permitted.

Before everything took a turn for Biden, Trump was leading Biden with 232 of the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win to Biden’s 226. Thanks to massive fraud and unconstitutional actions, Joe Biden ended up being awarded all the remaining states.

Currently, Arizona has all but finished their forensic audit of the 2020 election. This was the first in the country and looks like it will be followed by audits in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Arizona has 11 Electoral College votes while Georgia has 16 and Pennsylvania has 20. If all three of these states end up discovering that their election results were wrong and need to decertify the results and give the Electoral College votes to President Trump, he will be proven the rightful winner with 279 Electoral College votes.

The corrupt Democrats, establishment media, and RINOs know this and are doing everything they can to stand in the way of the audits. They don’t want election transparency.

They don’t want the American people to finally know the truth. The truth that they, themselves, actually know.

If the election was so outstanding and secure then why don’t they also join in the demands for forensic audits? Wouldn’t the best strategy be to prove they were right with actual evidence?

Of course, they know and we know, that isn’t possible.

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  1. Lets investigate all the red state that vote for trump to see if there was voter fraud in those states that could have made Biden the winner in those stares. Why are only the states that voted to make Biden the winner being investigated. Seems like trump is a sore loser and a little tit cry baby boo hoo. Look at the way he handled the presidencal transition of power, boo hoo tit baby. trump did some good as president but most of all made his family richer,you got wonder who he was really working for. Surely not us as his boss because he does not work for anyone but himself.

    • What we should do is an investigation of [ALL] states elections, would that make you feel better? Now talk about somebody getting wealthy on the backs of Americans lets look a Biden and hunter to see where their money is now coming from. Hunter is selling his child like paintings for hundreds of thousands of dollars [REALLY].

  2. Look, this is all good stuff, exceot that there is no precedent, 6 months after the election results have been certified by the Congress and the winner is declared, to now try to press that the loser was the true winner, not withstanding the meticulous audits that discovered the true winner to be the loser.
    What I am saying, so what, the election was stolen and we all no that, but therer is absolutely no path for Trump to now be declared the winner and take over the government after Congress has certified the states results. the train left the station, and hyping up people this way is just a train to nowhere. i wish it was not so, but, folks, get real, they only thing we get from the audits was how the dems stolen the election and to stop that from occurring ever again. Let get into an offensive mode and prevent this from happening again and put forth candidates who can win at every level of Government, municipal, local, state regional, school board, congressional, senatorial, and take this country over. Forget the “win” of the audit, it is a train to nowhere. But the train to somewhere runs throughout the country in de-seating as many democrats as we can and take our institutions over, again.

    • The winner is the winner.
      A legitimate Coup d’état could happen.
      The military could step in.
      Hopefully a few hangings for treason.
      Responsible Foreign actors dealt with.
      Nothing will happen unless there is proof.
      Accountability is only the beginning.

  3. If my comments need moderation, you are just another media outlet trying to hide something. Give it up, man, you re no patriot voice.

  4. How can anyone accept a president from a party that CHEATED to win? The whole idea of elections is to honor the will of the people. If the audit proves that xeroxed ballots and other fraudulent votes were counted then, it is obvious that the American electorate did not elect Biden. This is unprecedented and it should never happen again. Voting is our right as citizens and political parties have to right to take that away from us.

  5. Gary, I’m all for that….. Too bad it’s the Demonrats that are trying so hard to stop the recount!!!!….Says a lot about their cheating!


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