Awkward: Kamala Harris Caught Wiping Hand After Handshake With South Korean President

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden might be the “President” of the United States but he’s been having his Vice President Kamala Harris doing most of his work for him.

Biden has been embarrassing himself on the world stage unlike any other president in US history. Obama was bad but he was bad in a totally different way. Biden is “wear a mask during a virtual conference with world leaders” kind of bad and the world is laughing at us.

He isn’t the only one making the US look foolish to the rest of the world, however. After taking up the role of meeting and dealing with foreign leaders, his VP is just as shameful, weak and humiliating.

On Friday, Harris held an important meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Washington DC to discuss mass migration, North Korea and other significant issues but the only thing anyone watching noticed was the embarrassing and disrespectful way Harris wiped her hand after shaking President Moon Jae-in’s hand.

Social media users went on a roll, ripping Harris for being “insulting” and “embarrassing.”

The awkward and embarrassing moment was blasted all over social media sites where shocked viewers shared their various opinions. Many found no offense with the obvious hand wipe and claimed it was accidental and not disrespectful.

Others suggested Harris has just been brainwashed into being a germaphobe after the COVID ordeal.

Still yet, many users blasted Harris for the disrespectful gesture. One person asked, “How can you do that knowing cameras are recording your every move?”

“Kamala Harris does a hand wipe after shaking hands with SK President Moon! Wow! That’s so embarrassing!” another one raged.

Some users took note of the double standards and pointed out that if a Republican had done such a thing they would have been labeled a “racist” right away by the unhinged left.

Indeed they would have been. Not only would they have been labeled a racist right away but they would be forced to issue a formal public apology. Imagine if President Trump had done something like this? The outrage would be never ending.

For Harris, however, the mainstream media doesn’t say a peep. They don’t even acknowledge it. That’s the benefit of being among the establishment elites.

The reality is that Biden and Harris are making a downright mockery of the United States on the world stage. While the left couldn’t handle President Trump’s “mean tweets” at least he was respected around the world.

These two are proving to the world just how weak and ineffective the United States now is and it’s no wonder other world superpowers are making bold moves to advance their own agendas.

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