Biden Admin Makes Hasty Last-Ditch Effort Right Before Midterms To Lower Gas Prices

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden is desperate to make the Democrats look like they actually care about the economy and gas prices ahead of the midterm elections. So desperate he’s perfectly fine using even more oil from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The reserve is meant for times of crisis and war, not for political manipulation but that’s exactly what Joe Biden is using the reserve for. He’s reportedly planning to release another 10 to 15 million barrels of oil from the reserve for the sole purpose of political optics.

Biden actually believes if he can lower prices at the pump just ahead of the midterm elections that it will give Democrats a boost. Unfortunately, he and the Democratic Party have caused so many other problems for Americans over the last nearly two years that voters have no shortage of reasons to vote Democrats out of office.

Biden and his regime have caused the gas price crisis and now they’re putting the US in a bind by using over 200 million barrels of oil from what is supposed to be an emergency stockpile. The Wall Street Journal reported that’s more than all previous presidents combined.

Now the reserves are at their lowest level since 1984.

Despite Biden’s desperate attempt to bring down gas prices by releasing even more barrels of oil from the reserves, the OPEC+ nations have announced their plan to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day.

Joe Biden attempted to persuade OPEC+ and Saudi Arabia into holding off on the production cut until after the midterm elections, essentially, but was roundly rejected.

During a recent campaign effort in California, Biden was asked about the state’s gas price average which is nearly $7/per gallon. His response was, “Well, that’s always been the case here.”

This really illustrates Biden’s true attitude towards gas prices. He’s just not that concerned about it. All he cares about is trying to push Democrats to the finish line in the fast-approaching midterm elections.

Biden has taken credit for gas prices dropping over the summer, even though they have quickly started to rise since September. During a speech on Americans suffering from higher costs, Biden boasted, “[A] lot of it is the result of getting the cost of living at the gas pump down by more — now even in California now — by more than a dollar nationally and — since the start of summer.”

Biden and his Democratic cohorts have caused the sky-high gas prices at the pump. They don’t get to pretend that they’re fighting hard for Americans.

Voters must reject Democrat candidates come Nov. 8. Once the midterm elections are over Biden and the Dems are just going to revert back to their radical “green” agenda that has millions of Americans suffering financially.

These people are all frauds and cannot be trusted.

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