Biden Administration Makes Stunning Admission About Voter Turnout

(Patriot Insider) – On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that “voter suppression” and “high turnout” can happen at the same time as she was asked about the election turnout in Georgia. She made her comments on the issue during a press briefing at the White House after a reporter asked her about Joe Biden’s suggestion that the voting laws in Georgia were basically “Jim Crow 2.0,” seeing as the state is already witnessing record early voting turnout. This would seem to fly in the face of the idea of voter suppression.

“And speaking generally of course, more broadly, of course, high turnout and voter suppression can take place at the same time,” Jean-Pierre commented, according to Fox News. “They don’t have to be, one doesn’t have to happen on its own. They could be happening at the same time.”

The reporter went on to ask Jean-Pierre whether or not the president had reconsidered his comments in light of the emergence of this new information.

“Was President Biden wrong with his assessment of Georgia’s voting law? Where does he stand by that Jim Crow comparison?,” the reporter went on to ask the press secretary.

She responded by saying there have been a “host of anti-voter policies” based on the “big lie” — which is a reference to the claim that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election — before going on to state that higher turnout does not necessarily mean that voter suppression isn’t happening.

“When asked if the White House is ‘observing instances of voter suppression in Georgia, and other states that adopted some of these laws over the last two years,’ Jean-Pierre didn’t directly answer the question,” Fox News noted.

“Look, we have seen ourselves, I just laid out we’ve seen ourselves, from what legislation, state legislation we have seen across the country that is suppressing the right to vote, and look, we believe that people should have the fundamental access to voting,” she remarked.

The press secretary’s statements come mere days after Georgia’s Secretary of State Office released data that revealed 400,000 voters have already cast ballots as of Oct. 19, a 63 percent increase from the same period during the 2018 midterms.

Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State, spoke previously with Fox and said the state is now on track to “break records in terms of voter turnout in every category.”

“In 2018, 223,576 Georgians voted by mail for governor. So far this year, we’ve received 239,789 requests for absentee ballots, 238,356 have been mailed out,” Raffensperger told Fox. “We’ll exceed 2018’s total for mailed-in ballots. So far we’ve been breaking the early vote record set in 2018, and we’re approaching the early vote numbers in 2020.”

The integrity of our nation’s election system is a vital piece of what makes our society unique. If it is compromised, the people of the country lose their voice in choosing who leads and directs the United States. It is our fundamental right to choose candidates to represent us and our values in the creation and enforcement of our laws. Voting ensures that each of us is given an opportunity to exercise that right.

Election integrity laws are not meant to keep law-abiding citizens from being able to vote. They exist in order to prevent cheating. Plain and simple.

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  1. So I guess voter suppression doesn’t really matter, does it. The democrats will have a “majority” turnout for their candidates no matter what, because they know how to scam the system. Starts with having most of their electorate vote early so they know that the vast majority of early voters are theirs and when the numbers appear to show that they have a sufficient number to win, they can channel money over to other races where they do not. Meanwhile Republicans are pushing the “vote in person on election day” wheel and have nothing to fall back on after that day. Add in the network of almost full time canvassers and vote collectors, pretty much an election industry run by the democrats, funded by fat cats like Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, etc., not to mention all the major communist players around the world thru their local affiliates. Yep, one might say the democrats are in the election business but it seems like its the only thing they know how to do. When it comes to governance, they just seem to throw up their hands and let anarchy take it’s course. They let the big wheels in the new world order and the World Economic Forum walk all over them, not to mention every minority under the sun, gets to run rough shod over America, it’s freedom and it’s future. So while democrats elect morons like Biden and Fetterman, and geezers like both, Pelosi and Biden, their record of achievement will always be eclipsed by candidates of vision and American ingenuity like Trump and De Santos who do not channel Lenin and Marx like democrats do. No one on the entire planet needs another Marxist, socialist, utopia to be ruled under. We already have enough of them to last several lifetimes, which they probably will if democrats can’t tell the difference between freedom and subjugation.


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