Biden Administration’s Support Of Mark Cuban’s Anti-American Anthem Stance Raises Red Flags

(Patriot Insider) – It’s bad enough when privileged, wealthy elites like billionaire Mark Cuban imply that America is an evil, awful country and then attempt to boycott our national anthem. It’s even worse when the President of the United States supports it.

As you’ve probably heard, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the most wealthy men in America, made the announcement that the Mavericks will stop playing the national anthem before home games.

Of course, we can totally understand Cuban’s decision. He’s wealthy beyond compare and owns a professional NBA basketball team filled with players of numerous ethnicities that are paid millions of dollars per year. The injustices are clear and obvious.

Or not.

How anyone in Mark Cuban’s position can bash on America and disrespect our national anthem is incomprehensible. Yet, he has the freedom to feel however he wants about the national anthem. That’s the beauty of America.

Nonetheless, you would expect, at the very least, that our nation’s highest ranking elected official and leader would view the national anthem and patriotism with high esteem. President Trump certainly did but Trump is no longer in office. Now we have the Virtue-Signaler-in-Chief sitting in the White House and he’s always ready to take a shot at America.

When asked about Cuban’s decision to stop playing the national anthem at Maverick’s games, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki wasted no time proving just how awful the Biden administration thinks America is.

Her comments started out great, actually, but quickly derailed and left many in the country shaking their heads, yet again.

At first, she said that while she hasn’t actually spoken to Biden on the matter she knows that he’s “incredibly proud to be an American” and that he has “great respect” for the national anthem and the men and women serving in the military around the world.

Then things turned and Psaki noted that Biden would also say that “part of pride in our country means recognizing moments where we as a country haven’t lived up to our highest ideals, which is often,” adding that this is what men and women are “speaking to” when they decide to protest the anthem at sporting events.

Ah. Of course. Men and women of all races and ethnicities making excessive salaries to play sports in America are the obvious choice for the faces of oppression, social injustice, and racial inequality.

It is these brave men and women who should be pointing out just how much, and how often, America has failed as a country.

Psaki went on to conclude that having pride in being an American ultimately means “respecting the right of people granted to them in the Constitution to peacefully protest.” She went on to add that that’s the reason Biden “ran for president in the first place.”

The real question is, who is really benefiting from Mark Cuban’s anti-American decision to stop playing the anthem and Joe Biden’s support of it?

The Chinese Communist Party, no doubt. Given the pair’s connections with China, it should probably come as no surprise that they are perfectly fine with throwing our country’s national anthem in the waste-basket in some shallow effort to virtue-signal.

The reality is, protesting our national anthem is just downright anti-American and when it’s wealthy, elite globalists who are the ones doing it, it certainly looks very suspicious.

Twitter users found the entire situation disturbing:

Maybe the American people wouldn’t find the protesting of the national anthem to be such a red flag if Cuban and Biden weren’t so supportive of the CCP. Cuban has a history of blatantly refusing to say anything negative whatsoever about the brutal and oppressive communist nation even when confronted with the facts of their many, many violations of human rights.

When journalist Megyn Kelly questioned Cuban over China’s myriad of human rights abuses, Cuban insisted on defending the CCP.

Cuban won’t be caught knocking China but has no problem slamming the freest and greatest country on earth and the one that has allowed him to become one of the richest people in the world.

Joe Biden has his own notorious past with China and there is little to no doubt that his administration will handle the communist regime with kiddie gloves to enable them to inch closer and closer to world domination.

Protesting our national anthem isn’t just a matter of peaceful protest. It’s a declaration that America is not worth honoring or defending.

If Mark Cuban hates America so much, why doesn’t he pack his things and move on over to China and see how much peaceful protest he’s permitted to partake in there.

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  1. Ingratitude carries its own karma as well as its own stigma. Should China ever take over the USA, should Cuban be recognized by the CCP as being even remotely responsible for their success, after some back patting on their part and a little ass-kissing on his he would be “discarded” like an old dishrag! The price of being a FOOL is exceedingly great!


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