Biden Border Crisis: 2-Year-Old Migrant Found Abandoned On Mexican Highway Next To Corpse

(Patriot Insider) – Thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies and his invitation for immigrants around the world to flock to our southern border, hundreds of thousands of children and adults have put themselves in danger at the hands of violent and ruthless cartels.

A two-year old boy was found abandoned by his father and their cartel coyote on a highway in southern Mexico (screen shot here).

Not only was the boy found abandoned on the side of the highway, he wasn’t alone. Next to him was the corpse of a man who had died as a result of being suffocated after being crammed into an overcrowded freight truck with others also being smuggled.

This is the most common way cartels move humans and traffic them to the US. They are treated like cargo rather than humans. Some don’t make the journey alive as suffocation and dehydration are major risk factors.

This is the “humane” way in which the Biden regime is dealing with the US border and immigration.

While the Mexican immigration authorities and federal police do detain and deport those attempting to travel without proper documents, millions are still making it to our southern border.

This is exactly why those who want to make the journey and be smuggled to the US must pay thousands of dollars and even put themselves in debt to the cartels.

Thanks to the Biden regime’s policy which allows for unaccompanied minors to be permitted into the US, children are being used like free passes by their parents, cartels and others.

While those in the Biden administration claim they are “restoring humanity” to the border, in reality they are encouraging and promoting the smuggling and trafficking of children by those who are not even qualified to come to the US, even by their own parents, as a means to quickly and easily gain entry to the US.

These people are coming to the US for the free handouts promised by the Biden regime and radical, bleeding heart leftists. Most of them aren’t even eligible for asylum and they know it. That’s why they’re exploiting their own children, and others’ children, to get in.

President Trump had it right when he took a tough stance on immigration and developed policies that forced would-be migrants to prove their eligibility prior to actually gaining entry into the US.

Trump was right to build a wall.

The only way to actually “humanely” deal with the border crisis is to completely shut it down and make it impossible for humans to be smuggled across our border.

Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy was by far the most effective way to deter wannabe asylum seekers from making the journey and exploiting their children as a means to get into the US.

Not only is Joe Biden encouraging illegal aliens to come here and promoting the exploitation of children, he’s also paying for the families of unaccompanied minors to be flown here after the children successfully gain entry. Well, the taxpayers are that is.

This is absolutely absurd. Could Biden and his fraudulent regime make it anymore obvious that they want to destroy America? There is no other reason for leaving our southern border wide open and promoting the illegal trafficking of children.

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    • A lot of money goes to corrupt officials, but they are not exactly operating with impunity. They are still likely to be detained and deported by other police who have not been bribed. Or they may be caught and delivered to rival cartels, who hold them for ransom and may well kill them if their family can’t pay.

      If these dangers didn’t exist, there will be no reason to pay the cartels to smuggle them. They could just catch a ride and easily drive to our border.

      The leftists really are working in conjunction with the cartels to smuggle these people into the US.

  1. How many “displaced American Workers” has Biden “FOUND” and helped?. More importantly, how many homeless American Veterans has Biden “FOUND” and offered any help? “Biden the Fool” is but a hollow puppet, doing whatever the socialist Democrats leaders tell him!

    All one has to do to see the fallacy in following the socialistic liberals within the Democrats is to read the paper or listen to the news. Just yesterday, ten individuals rushed a Neiman-Markus store in San Francisco, leaving with handfuls of High-End handbags, after crashing glass displays and counter tops to steal the loot. Thousands of dollars lost, insurance premiums on the rise, and employees fearing to go to work because liberals exercise their Socialism/Nazism tactics to garner whatever they choose, with no reprisal from San Francisco leaders! This is a prime example of a socialist party (Democrat) using Nazi tactics to suppress those who are in no position to defend themselves and for these liberals to do whatever they want, with no consequences!

    • For the record, after viewing the video, I saw only persons of color running from the store hauling loot in all directions. I suppose that is the liberal interpretation of equality Democrats vehemently promote!

      • I can understand why people of color use mass entry to steal because liberal Democrat Leaders refuse to convict many of them! Furthermore, liberal leaders seldom seek them for committing the crime because liberal authorities find these crimes to be unimportant! What I cannot understand is why working Americans, working 50/60 hours a week, paying taxes, watching their tax dollar go the miscreants on Welfare, and watching a Democrat controlled Congress steal Social Security funds and give to these “ne’er-do-wells” living off Welfare benefits, still vote for Democrats! That is ludicrous!


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