Biden Has Blood On His Hands After Horrifying California Crash Involved Smuggling Of Illegals, Over A Dozen Dead

(Patriot Insider) – New reports have revealed that a crash involving an SUV with two dozen people jammed in it was involved in a cross-border smuggling operation according to sources within the Customs and Border Patrol agency.

According to Gateway Pundit, there’s been a major increase in the number of illegal border crossings ever since Joe Biden became the president. Biden has been very vocal about taking executive actions to erase former President Donald Trump’s legacy, particularly as it pertains to the issue of immigration and border security, reversing much of the policies he had in place that controlled the border.

Biden has been making promises of amnesty for illegals who come across the border, along with letting unaccompanied minors into the nation too. The administration itself refuses to state whether or not there is an actual crisis at the border, opting instead to call it a “challenge.” That, folks, is political posturing at its best.

“A section of border wall built in the 2000s was cut down near Holtville and two vehicles crossed through. Border Patrol caught the second vehicle and arrested 19 people but was not in pursuit of the SUV when the deadly crash happened,” GP’s report notes.

Video footage of the accident posted up on Twitter reveals how bad this whole incident was.

The 1997 Ford Expedition had its seats removed so that more people could be stuffed inside the vehicle. Typically, this kind of car only seats about 8 or 9 people legally, but this one contained way more than that. The vehicle collided with an empty tractor-trailer on Highway 115 at Norris Road in Holtville.

Authorities say the age range of those where injured and/or killed in the accident is from 15-53.

President Joe Biden and his administration are responsible for the blood being spilled from this accident and other incidents involving human smuggling. His policies are giving folks incentive to participate in these dangerous activities just to get into our country and bypass our laws. If he had left Trump’s policies in place, this might not have happened.

But it did happen. On Biden’s watch. At this point, he needs to publicly take responsibility for this horrific accident and clearly state his true intentions with his immigration policy.

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    • Yes we should blame Biden for this colossal disaster! I’m sure there will be plenty more to follow. It’s time to get that ILLEGITIMATE guy and his ILLEGITIMATE vice president, out of the White House. His brain is fried. Why do you think he doesn’t even speak to the people of this country? It’s because he can’t even put two sentences together without losing his train of thought. He isn’t even the person running this country. Obama is his puppet master.

      • Elaine the Bigot, you are true to your name, Trump is pure evil, a serial sexual assaulter, a serial con artist, 30000+ liar in his fake, lazy , chaotic and stolen Presidency. He is an effing traitor and Putin butt kisser. I guess you like kissing commies’ butts you insane woman.

  1. JusticeforTrump, are you asleep or just plain addled….much like the poor addle-brained Dufus in the White House?! You missed the last four years when this country hasn’t seen the kind of progress, growth, economic security, job security and much more UNDER the Trump Administration, so I’m assuming you were a) out of the country, b) in a coma, c) or just addle-brained to recognize what was going on! Watch your taxes (if you pay any) skyrocket, gasoline prices hit the moon, food and energy prices become exhorbitantly high and interest rates so high that home purchases will plummet. Wake up, Dufus!

    • Trump ruined the economy and killed most of the 530000 Americans from his laziness, incompetence, arrogance and dishonesty in dealing with Covid. Are you going to give back the 1400 dollars Shishkabob.


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