Biden Official Resigns Days After Embarrassing Event With Kamala Harris

(Patriot Insider) – White House senior advisor and director of the Office of Public Engagement, Keisha Lance Bottoms, is now going to be stepping down from her current position. The announcement for Bottoms’ departure comes just a few days after the former mayor of Atlanta gave a rather awkward introduction for Vice President Kamala Harris to a group of journalism students. I mean, really, you don’t have to be awkward with Harris around. She’s plenty awkward enough on her own, as many video clips of her speeches and addresses have made quite clear.

“In a statement, President Joe Biden announced Monday that former Columbia, South Carolina, Mayor Stephen Benjamin will replace her,” Jonathan Jones reported for The Western Journal.

“Mayor Benjamin is a longtime public servant, who has served the people of South Carolina for over two decades statewide and as a three-term mayor of Columbia,” Biden went on to say. “As a former president of both the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the African American Mayors Association, Steve’s deep relationships with communities across the country will serve our administration and the American public well.”

The president then thanked Bottoms for making a priority of “equity” during her time working at the White House.

“Under Keisha’s leadership, the Office of Public Engagement has kept equity at the heart of our agenda and continues to serve as the connective tissue between our Administration and everyday Americans who may not have a voice to reach Washington otherwise,” Biden commented.

The president then said, “I have leaned on Keisha as a close advisor with exceptional instincts, and I am grateful to her for serving our nation with honor and integrity.”

“I wish her the best as she returns home to Atlanta to be with her family,” he noted in conclusion.

Bottoms took to Twitter where she stated that her tenure at the White House was only ever supposed to be short and that she gave up a summer off in order to take the job at the Office of Public Engagement.

“Term ended in January 2022. I didn’t take a break, planning to work hard for 6 months and relax over the summer,” she said in her post. “@WhiteHouse called again in June and I said, ‘I’ll stay just thru midterms in November.’”

At this point, it’s not clear what Bottoms is going to do next, however, she is only the latest high level staffer to leave the current administration. She decided to not run for a second term as Atlanta’s mayor and then blamed the whole thing on former President Donald Trump, social unrest, and the coronavirus pandemic.

Because it’s always someone or something else that is to blame for a leftist’s poor choices and never themselves. Personal responsibility must seriously be a curse word to the radical liberals in this country.

“There was last summer. There was a pandemic. There was a social justice movement. There was a madman in the White House,” she went on to say in May 2021, according to a report from NPR. “It is abundantly clear to me today that it is time to pass the baton on to someone else.”

Bottoms found her name in headlines last week after she gave Vice President Kamala Harris a rather awkward introduction to a group of black journalism students. After Harris came into the mostly quiet room, Bottoms remarked, “You can clap. It’s OK.”

However, it seems there weren’t many folks in the audience who took up Bottoms’ offer.

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  1. It is a shame that the first VP had to be cackling Kamala as now it will make it even harder for another woman VP to be chosen. Kamala is a disgrace just like Biden – oh well I guess then it makes sense that Biden chose her after all Biden is not very smart.

  2. Another liberal moron bite the dust, these morons can’t do anything right by for the country.
    Let’s keep putting the liberal morons in office and it’s going to be so long America and welcome to the brave new world, (liberal morons world) let’s get a conservative back in the BIG HOUSE.

  3. Yes, yes and yes! Just look back at how good things were before Biden stole the office of president. It is sickening what he has done to this country.
    I still have the picture of Biden telling us how he was going to steal the election. I was going to post it here but it won’t allow me to do so.

    Trump wasn’t perfect as none of us are perfect but he surely got things done for the good of America and that is what is important. Just look at our boarder now under Biden yikes! Biden just threw out a welcoming mat for them and even helped them come. This is so unacceptable for America.

  4. When the Democratic primary was taken place how could anyone take these people (the lying liberals) seriously except for Tulsi Gabbard, she was the only one that had and still has the intelligence and credibility to stand up to these people. I’m glad she bowed out of the Democratic Party, they sure didn’t deserve her. She made the rest of them look like idiots (which they are) without even trying. Kameltoe digging her claws into Biden but he picks her for VP, what the hell was that? That whole primary was a joke. Then Biden hiding in his basement not campaigning and he becomes the president. The election was rigged, fixed, fraudulent votes whatever you want to call it. No one can convince me that this brainless, corrupt, incompetent jackass and his sidekick Ms Cackle are intelligent enough to run this country. It’s looks more like a shit show, making all of the people of the USA look stupid as hell. Republicans for 2024.


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