BIDEN WINS! Press Sec Tells Nasty Truth About The Democratic Party’s Way

(Patriot Insider) – Democrats have no shame. They’ve become experts in exploiting tragedy to further their political agenda. Their motto seems to be “never let a crisis go to waste.” Indeed, for years they have been taking that sentiment to the extreme.

The elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, is no exception.

Leftists wasted no time at all pushing their radical gun control agenda in the wake of this tragic and heartbreaking event. The worst part about it is they don’t even operate in facts or reality.

Last week, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shamelessly put the left’s gun control agenda on full display.

During a Thursday news briefing Jean-Pierre made several questionable assertions regarding the recent mass shooting and guns in general.

“America has more guns than people in this country,” Jean-Pierre said. “If more guns were indeed the solution, we would be the safest country in the world. But we are not.”

This is an absurd mischaracterization of the Republican position on guns as no sane person would argue that the mere number of guns could somehow make America a safe place. It’s a ridiculous argument.

Not to mention, by her logic, if the mere existence of guns was actually indicative of the problem then the fact that there are so many guns in the US would actually be proof of the opposite. It would affirm that the existence of guns is not the problem at all.

The argument against tyrannical gun control, aside from the fact that the Second Amendment protects our right to bear arms, has always been that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens would actually help deter criminals.

It isn’t the actual gun that pulls its own trigger. It’s absurd that we even have to say it.

Jean-Pierre also suggested that the correct response to the mass shooting is to exploit it for gun control.

“The president has been very clear he wants action,” Jean-Pierre said. “He wants Congress to take action. He wants to turn this pain into action.”

The direct aftermath of a tragedy like this is not the time to discuss gun control at all but Democrats need Americans and fellow members of Congress to be emotional so they push the discussion endlessly.

It’s exactly what they mean when they say “never let a crisis go to waste.”

The biggest issue is that the left’s focus is completely wrong. They want to ban guns which would essentially punish law-abiding citizens when the real issues of mass shootings like the ones in Uvalde and Buffalo have nothing at all to do with guns themselves.

No one wants to talk about mental health or creating a better system to recognize seriously concerning red flags in the behavior of troubled individuals. It doesn’t appear to be a surprise in either case that these two 18-year-olds ended up carrying out mass shootings killing numerous innocent people.

There are always signs but those signs were and are being ignored.

Now Democrats want to ban guns and make law-abiding citizens even more susceptible to gun violence carried out by unstable, mentally-ill individuals.

Does this really make any sense?

Of course not and it’s not supposed to because at the end of the day leftists don’t actually care about safety at all. It’s not about stopping mass shootings. The only thing they actually care about is disarming the American people. That’s it.

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  1. What a idiot!!! WE have gone from bad to worse. This admin is so screwed up!!! The messenger is also
    out to lunch with her boss on all this…….

  2. GUNS don’t kill PEOPLE . . . Criminals USING guns MURDER people. Keep a gun LOCKED and LOADED, HAMMER pulled back (NOT recommended!) and it will RUST in HALF and WON’T do ANYTHING (unless disturbed), like an earthquake, etc. The IDEA with GUN CONTROL is CONTROL law abiding citizen to BRING in Socialism/Communism. One Enlightened Patriot.

  3. When is the time for common sense gun control??? The GOP continues to avoid even suggesting any definitive time table to do ANYTHING!! Hence, the GOP position evidently is to do absolutely nothing.
    Jean Pierre’s statements are facts. As usual, they are only interpreted to fit the GOP/NRA positions on gun control. Yes, many of the mass shootings seem to caused by persons that seem to “have a screw loose”. But many are also attributed to people with firm and dedicated beliefs that are present in mainstream America. It is the unlimited and relatively easy, unsupervised access to guns as well as some mental issues. Limit the access to guns AND provide more support for mental health. Both are absolutely essential.

    Let’s start with strengthening background checks – universal standards (to include gun shows) in all states. Let’s distinctly outlaw ghost guns. Let’s establish (ICW universal background checks) a data base that contains all persons with mental health issues. And, finally, let’s OUTLAW assault weapons and limit magazine sizes. Simultaneously, let’s assemble legal scholars into
    a legal commission to examine, analyze, and completely establish what the 2nd amendment was established for when it was established and what is the reason for it today.

    Continuing Doing nothing as the current status is doing is criminal.


    • If more democrats like Bill were the answer, would we be the safest country in the world? Democrats keep letting criminals out of jail and without guns, how would the rest of us protect ourselves from Bill’s criminal friends? Democrats consider rioting and looting “protesting” and “reparations” and are happy to let the rest of the people who pay their own bills, pay for theirs too. Like their education, their health care, their sex change operations and their abortions. Democrats have drank so much of the koolaid they no longer recognize their own propaganda and believe every word of it. Democrats think because they can think of it, it is reality so they are told the election was the most fraud free election ever, they believe it even though all the evidence points to an illegitimate president. Democrats can’t figure out why everyone in the world tries to come here for freedom while they hate the place. Democrats can’t figure out why they always complain and never leave. How many people do you know that take off and leave for somewhere else? Sure a few like celebrities and other fringe elements, but how many go to Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba? Used to be, even democrats knew why the founders wanted us to have guns. It was to keep tyrants like them from ever bringing tyranny to America. That’s the reason there are guns, because of them and their Marxist masters.

      • I agree! And the very first step should be to eliminate “gun free” zones. I guarantee mass shootings will drop by more than 50% immediately! Just look at where all the “mass shootings” occur. Except for the so called gang related shootings they all seem to happen in “gun free” zones where there is nobody to shoot back. Think about it.

        • I agree wholeheartedly. Eliminate the safe zones so people can protect themselves from the criminals that would be armed anyway.

    • In order to buy a gun at a store they will do a background check before I can purchase that gun. If I want to buy a gun out of state it has to be shipped to a dealer in my state first and when I go to pick it up they will do a background check first before releasing the gun to me. We have had these laws for a long time. The problem is not the gun it is the person who is mentally ill that has a gun. A gun can sit for years and never be able to fire itself with out a persons help. If you are so concerned about guns killing people maybe you should also focus on vehicle deaths and consider banning vehicles! But just like guns a vehicle can sit in one spot for decades and never kill someone until a person gets behind the wheel. You are focusing on the wrong problem. Focus on getting mental health help for these people who are obviously mentally ill!

    • Anytime you ban something it gets even worse. Didn’t work for alcohol, maijuana, amphetamines, tobacco etc,etc. How about promoting and requiring good family structure, moral and behavioral standards, decency, conscience, patriotism etc. Teachers are not held responsible for their lack of teaching, parents are not held responsible when their children are disrespectful to adults.or come home with stolen items. Kids and adults are selling drugs on the streets, Breaking and entering, Robbing and Raping, attacking the elderly, burning buildings, killing each other, not because of guns.
      They, shoot, stab, beat, burn, run them down with vehicles, overdug etc.. It is not just the gun.

    • Actually the Republicans have REPEATEDLY put forth bills to make schools safer and fund increased security for schools and the conniving Demmunists always block them, because they WANT these school shootings to keep happening, so they can climb up on the bodies of dead children before they are even cold and start agitating for gun confiscation. (Never let a crisis go to waste is their mantra!) THAT is the issue near and dear to their hearts. Like Stalin, like Chairman Mao, like HITLER and EVERY tyrant in history, before you can REALLY be a tyrant, you have to make sure the people do not have anything to fight back against you by DISARMING THEM. That is EXACTLY why we HAVE the Second Amendment, and why the conniving , power-mad Demmunists are HELLBENT on putting an END to it so they can declare themselves the “dear leader (dictator) for life” that they’ve always WANTED to be, without, you know, the inconvenience of actually having to get ELECTED.

    • you mean sort of like ,…. to continue doing nothing on the Border? ,…. here is a novel idea !,…. how about we start punishing the criminals instead of the innocent?,…. and Harden the school entry system,…. every door was kept locked when I went to school,…. except the Front door which had A human monitoring it,…. and we once had a “gun Incident”,…. yeah that kid finished school in JDC,…. and it was known if you committed a capitol crime ,…. you would win the Capitol Prize,…. a great big chair with wires on the headpiece.
      I carry Every single day,…. and the rattler’s and the Coyotes don’t like it,…. when the stray dogs get after my livestock ? ,…. they kind of don’t like it either,…. the people see that Big ‘Ol Revolver on my hip and They could care less,…. when the Eugene Stoner Rifle comes out,…. they know I am fixing to Stop Depredation of my flocks,…. And the Only Complaint is ALWAYS from the Broad who lets her dogs run loose,…. because she has lost 8, IN MY PASTURE KILLING MY SHEEP OR HARASSING MY CATTLE,…. No Limiting MY (in the Collective) rights as a law abiding Citizen,…. is NOT the answer,….

    • I get what you are saying. However, stronger gun laws is not the answer. Background checks are already in place. When these gun control hypocrites say that gun shows don’t do background checks is a lie. I am a gun owner and law abiding. I have my conceal carry permit and in Kansas, you are allowed to open carry. Those people at gun shows that purchase a firearm from someone with an FFL (Federal Firearm License) get their background checked by the ATF and the FBI. If they didn’t do that, the ATF would take their FFL away from them. This leading up to the real reason why I am replying to your comment.

      When the venues that are GUN FREE ZONES do away with those areas, the shooter will think twice before attempting to enter and commit mass shootings. Common sense says that is the answer. Banning the AR-15 or any semi-automatic firearm is not the answer. I am familiar with automatic and semi-automatic firearms. An M-16 or M-4 are assault weapons and they are selectable. The AR-15 is not selectable. It is either on safe or “fire”. I just checked my AR to make sure I was right.

      The Second Amendment was first, to protect the First Amendment and second to keep the government from tyranny. The founders were very quite smart about that issue. The citizens are the ones that actually need to keep the government in check. It looks like we have lost what the founders put into the Constitution. I was taught history in grade school and high school. That is not being taught in schools today IMHO.

    • Talk about “doing nothing”–in almost EVERY one of these mass shooting cases, it turns out that law enforcement AND the FBI not only had this person on their radar, but had often actually interviewed them–and chose to do NOTHING to prevent said nut case from buying weapons. What GOOD are “red flag” laws, if you’re not going to use them to keep nut cases from buying guns to commit mass murder? The FBI does nothing, because they are now nothing more than the GESTAPO for the conniving Demmunists, and, after all, these horrendous crimes are so VERY useful to the power-mad, gun-grabbing Demmunists who want ALL OF US disarmed and helpless to stop their inner TYRANTS from coming out to put an END to the liberties of EVERY American and rule with the IRON FIST they SO want to use on us.

      EVERY totalitarian dictator in the history of the WORLD made SURE the citizenry was disarmed before they started their TYRANT BS. And the conniving Demmunists are NO DIFFERENT and NO BETTER than any of them.

  4. What do mass murderers have in common? They realize they are unlikely to survive their crime. Either they take their own life or, usually, police kill them. In other words, they expect to “go out in a blaze of glory.” It is as Shakespeare wrote in “Julius Caesar,” “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” These people expect the notoriety of their heinous deed to linger after their death. The solution, as I see it, is to make that notoriety more costly than the crime is worth. How? Where possible, take them alive. Then, and ONLY when their guilt is beyond doubt, turn them over to the people for punishment. In other words, in these instances, I support Lynch-mob justice.

    BACKGROUND: In 1933 my parents owned a small grocery store in St. Joseph, MO. A young black man named Lloyd Warner raped a young black woman, but no action was taken against him. Then, a couple of weeks later, Warner raped a young Jewish woman and left her in an alley about two blocks from my parents’ store. She was a friend of my mother. Warner was caught and hauled to jail. A mob formed and demanded that Warner be turned over to them. They overwhelmed the local police and threatened to kill ALL prisoners in the jail if their demand was not met. The Chief capitulated and let them take Warner. My parents were in the crowd. Mom recounted to me that she thought Warner was already dead by the time he was dragged to a tree and lynched. Then, he was drenched in gasoline and set on fire. Souvenir photos of Warner’s still smoldering corpse were available.

    For Warner, there was no glory, just horrid and relatively lingering suffering. The only ones who mourned him was his embarrassed and tainted family. The descendants still make excuses for him to this day, ignoring the crime and focusing on race. The news accounts suggested that the victim — I think Mom said her name was Ruth — “wasn’t sure.” Mom said Ruth told her there was no doubt. I believe my mother. I suspect it would only take one or two episodes of “people’s justice” to dissuade copycats from similar actions, especially for the rash of mass shootings our nation is experiencing.

    We know that the 2nd amendment was intended to allow the people to respond, if necessary, to a tyrannical government. THAT is the “raison de etre” for its inclusion in our Bill of Rights. The fact that it allows crazies to use guns against an otherwise vulnerable populace is an unacceptable byproduct of that Right.

    Further, in the absence of firearms, the crazies will use vehicles, bombs, even bow and arrow, to commit mayhem on a mass scale. This has already been appallingly proven. Since it is unlikely that all of these individuals can be identified and stopped prior to their miserable deeds, the answer is to convince them — by prior example — that their actions are not worth the punishment that would ensue.

    IMPLEMENTATION: When a crazy is captured alive, he — I understand they are always male — should be bound for trial. The judge hearing his arraignment should release him on his own recognizance. Prior to release, however it shall be publically accounced that he will be set free at a given place, on a specified date and time. Then, law enforcement would generally turn its back, allowing “interested citizenry” to take what actions they feel appropriate. Intercession by law enforcement would only be necessary to maintain order if opposing individuals attempt to interfere. No prosecution of the citizenry would occur. This solution can be tested on the “Buffalo’ shooter, Payton Gendron, who was taken alive.

    • The problem with this plan is that it is exactly what the left, Marxist, socialist, democrats have been doing for the last few years. This is mob rule, BLM, Antifa and Joe Biden. This is exactly what the communist countries, the communist party in America, and most of the news media want you to do. It is exactly what the last 50 years of civil rights were meant to remove from America.
      In America, we have laws. The laws are supposed to be upheld and the top law enforcer of the country is supposed to be the President. But our president is a moron and cannot himself obey the law, his family does not either, his son is a serial criminal that he will not prosecute, his DOJ is run by a guy who is getting even with America because they would not make him a Supreme Court Justice, the FBI has been caught in the attempted coup d’état of the previous president, President Trump, Biden appears to be taking orders from former president Barack Obama, the WHO, WEF, everyone but the people of the United States. We have lots of laws, they just have to be applied. That is not being done by the commies in Washington, they are the ones who need prosecuted before your mob really does get loose and ends their reign of terror with the blood lust you describe.

      • The more I see of Merrick Garland, the more grateful I am that he did not manage to SLITHER his way into a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court! It is just a damned shame that Obama had Scalia–one of the greatest jurists who ever sat on that Court–murdered for NOTHING, trying to make an “opening” for Merrick Garland and, by the way, commit a “coup by Supreme Court” by changing the ideological balance of the Court.

        Another motive for “disposing” of Scalia: He had already voted to overturn several “executive orders” near and dear to Obama’s EVIL, power-mad little heart. But when an SC Justice dies after casting a vote on a case, his/her vote is THROWN out, and the Court revotes after a NEW Justice is appointed and seated. I’d be willing to BET one of the STOOGES Obama had ALREADY succeeded in getting on the Supreme Court tipped him off how Scalia had voted, setting the whole plot into motion. So, yeah–we are VERY fortunate this “coup by Supreme Court” FAILED, and Garland did NOT slither his way into the robes of a Supreme Court Justice!

  5. The New Anti-American Radicalized Far Left Demoncrat Socialist Party along with the Deep Dark State Wants to Take Away Our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms and to Defund Our Police!!!! They Must Try to do so that when they Unleash their Evil Ultimate Agenda, We The People Would be Defenseless!!!!
    Wake Up America, We Are IN Very, Very Serious, Grave and Dire Danger “From Within” by the Washington, DCeivers!!!!!

    • Well, remember that HITLER discredited and finally did away with law enforcement officers throughout Germany, so he could REPLACE THEM with brown shirt thugs, Gestapo, etc who were loyal to and took orders from ONLY HIM. Seems like the conniving Demmunists are using that playbook with their CONSTANT attacks on and efforts to defund and eliminate LOCALLY-controlled law enforcement so they can replace them with a “Federal police force”–you know, “that civilian force that is as large and well-equipped as our military” that Obama was always talking about how much he wanted to establish? WHOSE hand do you think is up the backside of the CLUELESS senile sock puppet PROXY in the White House, and WHOSE agenda is being driven here? When the sock puppet opens his mouth, it is OBAMA’S voice and words that come out!

  6. Don’t believe these left wing liberals once they get a little bite on the right to own guns they will just keep nibbling away at it until we have lost that right is gone they have done that with all of our rights and they keep going until our country has become part of George Soros new world order

  7. I believe the people should stop electing a democratic president because the last three all had mass shootings on their watch, president Clinton, Columbine, president Obama, Sandy Hook, president Biden, Buffalo and Uvalde, sure seems suspicious.

  8. When all the politicians and their own security guards give up their guns, then and only then, should they even think about asking every citizen in this country to give up their guns.

  9. I have a comment for President Sleepy Dementia Riddled Joe Biden. Joey, Wish in one hand and $hit in the other and see which one fills up faster!

  10. “Now Democrats want to ban guns and make law-abiding citizens even more susceptible to gun violence carried out by unstable, mentally-ill individuals.”

    True. They should know. They’ve just described the faux President, Lyin’ Biden.

  11. What a trashy dress for a press secretary to wear! I’m sorry, dress fits right in with the rest of the trash in Washington. I realize this is not as important as the other topics, however this just goes to SHOW the demon rats that she works with! You would never catch Melonia, Laura,or any other self respecting woman dressed like this in public.

  12. The Nasty TRUTH is that the Deranged and Dellorable DemoRats don’t know what the REAL Truth is if it Bit them no their BUTT. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
    She really really does look like Gutter TRASH . Or does she look like a TRAMP out of a RED LIGHT DISTRICT in NY or DC.

  13. Is it really necessary for Republicans to start playing by the rules that have been adopted by Demoncrats? I guess that in the absence of a crisis, Demoncrats just don’t know what to do. Well, thanks to Joe and his fantastic decisions, they’ve got a litany of ways in which to destroy it all. So what if anything will make us any different than Russia or China? Most likely nothing if we continue going in the same direction.

  14. just like every other shooting of late , …. this happened in a demon stronghold ,…. San Antone and environs are nearly 100% demonRAT ,…. on top of that the DemonRATs were the bunch that closed all the mental- warehouses ,…. as cruel and inhumane ,…. now for the clincher ,…. punishment for any of these will be less than what you and I would get for an unpaid parking Ticket. and yet the Demons wish to penalize the rest of society for something they let their gang-banger’s and thugs do without even a warning, ….so that would be Two violations of Constitution for one crime committed by A mentally-defective banger with a bad attitude,…. violation of the second amendment,…. and persecution of Innocent persons for the crimes of another,….

  15. Well it looks like DemoRats have No opposition but to Beary their HEADS in the Sanded. And kiss their JOB’S Good By because there is a Big RED TSUNAMI WAVE Coming in November 2022 and 2024.

  16. The Parasites of the LEFT think that they can FOOL this Country and the
    World .with Their Phoney Agenda. We The People need to Wake-Up and start holding them Accountable. The Republicans and the American Taxpayer’s have had Enough Enough of their B* S* to last A Lifetime

  17. Prior to the Congress passing laws to protect the airports, the travelers and notifying the terrorists and the nut cases what they were going to do with safety for the airports there were many incidents in the airports and on planes and with security and allowed people to be mass executed during flights, bombs put on planes, terrorists worn bombs all similar to 9-11 when the gov’t did nothing and almost 3000 died as a result. Then the citizens made sure that Congress did something and closed the airports to exposure with tens of thousands of security personnel and equipment and stopped this nonsense and stopped terrorist in their tracks with this method across our country at thousands of airports and followup with law and order associated people, FBI, Sherrifs org., local police org., national guard in all 50 states filling any gaps and backup to the untrained new security. groups at every airport, thousands of them.
    What is wrong with the federal gov’t doing the same with all schools private or public? Are the children less important that travelers, less than business persons, less than gov’t officials, entertainment persons, families? There are about the same number of schools as airports and about the same number of students, teachers, staff as at airports. There are also a similar exposure of land and buildings, I suspect at all the schools in a district as at a local airport, where no security is given, only a smi8le on the face of the local owner.
    With the terror activity increasing every day and the socialist movement pushing their tricks to destroy our gov’t and our way of life, all this is not going away even if the dems and socialist figure out a new way to steal the show of voting themselves in this all will not stop. The socialist want to control and tyranny. the only way they can get it is by controlling the people with no guns. In our case they have brought in millions of foreigners from the south and from the middle east and from Asia, not so friendly as we are led to believe.. We must wake up and smell the shit and roses and demand security for our schools and to fund the police and close our borders to vette all arrivals with more immigrations and move our water territory to 200 miles to stop fisheries going to foreign lands and stopping drugs and stopping illegal immigration, adding more border patrols both south and north, sending home all foreigners suspected of illegal reasons, voting, drugs, corruption. This will be a start.
    If we are going to take our country back, then we must organize marches and some of those people with guns surround the marches with a military style net to avoid the terrorist from interfereing and asking for police assistance to stop the terror groups. We should be vetting all foreigners for suspected involvement in ISIS developed by Saudi and former pres obama, whether you believe it or not.

  18. The “Never let a crisis go to waste” mantra of the conniving Demmunists needs an addendum: “Even if you have to CREATE the crisis to be able to exploit it.”

    That useless, UNELECTED senile sock puppet in the White House has done NOTHING except trigger one crisis after ANOTHER since the day he STOLE his way into the Presidency! Yeah, I know it is not really him. It is the man behind the curtain with his hand up the backside of his senile sock puppet proxy–that nasty, America-hating little sociopath, Barrack Obama, getting that illegal and unconstitutional “third term” he was hellbent on having to finish the job of reducing this once-free, prosperous country to a Third World PRISON CAMP full of starving beggars.

  19. If only we could ever find the truth….
    I find it strange that we hear more about mass shootings when Democrats are in office.
    Make me questions if the Democrats are hiring these shooters to do the trigger pulling.
    Why? To push gun laws and try to limit/confiscate our weapons.
    I still believe that the pandemic was a Democrat bought and paid for operation, just like the inflation and product shortages we are suffering thru now.
    Why? To make the citizens more dependent on Big Government.
    Socialism is their game and they are pushing hard to get us on board and forget about our rights given to us by our Founding Father and the United States Constitution.
    If you want to see what this country will look like if that happens, read 1984 or Fahrenheit 451 and tell me that socialism is better…

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