Biden’s Latest Executive Order Unveils “Commission” On Expansion Of Supreme Court

(Patriot Insider) – One reason we know that Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the 2020 election is because the majority of Americans do not support the idea of packing the Supreme Court to make it more politically active.

Joe Biden was repeatedly vague on this issue during the campaign days and would not give direct answers when asked whether or not it was his intention to pack the court.

Now, just barely three months into his fraudulent presidency, Biden has announced his first steps in doing just that.

Of course, he’s disguising it as a legitimate process but we all know the end goal is simply to expand the Supreme Court and pack it full of radical left justices who will disregard the Constitution in favor of liberal ideology and agenda.

On Friday, Biden issued yet another executive order, this time commissioning the creation of a “Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States.”

The commission will be supposedly made up of a bipartisan group of legal scholars, judges and activists and its role will be to examine the court’s role in the upholding of the Constitution, the lifetime appointment of justices and, most importantly, “the membership and size of the court,” according to a White House statement issued Friday.

The order is a clear indication of Biden’s intentions to pack the court and permanently do away with a fair and balanced judicial system in America.

Naturally, leftists are thrilled. Progressive Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) praised the executive action saying that “to restore our democracy, we must expand the Supreme Court.”

Leftists are truly unhinged and delusional. The “democracy” they’re fighting to supposedly “save” is unAmerican, dangerous and full of socialist and communist ideas and plans.

There is nothing “democratic” about the America the left wants to usher in.

Republicans are opposed to this absurd notion of packing the court. Those on the House Judiciary Committee responded with a warning that Biden is only trying to “radicalize the Supreme Court.”

That’s exactly what Biden and the corrupt Democrats want to do. Their intentions aren’t even well-hid behind their insistence that they’re “protecting” democracy.

Currently the SCOTUS has a conservative majority but that has not proven to be beneficial for conservatives, especially as seen in the aftermath of the crooked stolen election when the court notably refused to hear any of the cases brought on by President Trump regarding election fraud.

Packing the court has been a long-time goal of radical leftists and their efforts have only intensified since President Trump served as President and was able to nominate three justices.

The New York Times even noted on Friday that Biden’s executive order was made “under pressure from activists.”

Of course it was. Biden is serving at the will of radical left activists. Everything he does is to appease them.

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