Biden’s Marxist Climate Requirements May Include Cutting 90% Of Red Meat From Americans’ Diets And Mandatory Electric Cars

(Patriot Insider) – Ever notice how all of the Democrats’ plans, goals and agendas always come at the cost of Americans’ freedoms, liberties and rights?

That’s not coincidence. The left’s bigger agenda is total and complete control of the American people. They want to turn the US into a Marxist dystopia where socialism is “done right.”

The only problem is that people who hold power never want to willingly relinquish that power. They only ever want more of it. That’s exactly the road the Democrats are currently on.

The COVID-19 ordeal has shown Democrats just how easy it is to manipulate and control the masses for the “greater good” and now they’re quickly moving to use that very same model under the guise of “climate change.”

On Friday, the Usurper Joe Biden pledged to cut the US’s carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030. That’s just nine years to make all manner of radical change to America.

You’d better get on board because, just like the dangerous experimental COVID vaccines, it’s going to take all of us… at least that’ll be their selling point.

Biden’s climate change requirements are going to bring about big changes for Americans should he succeed in actually implementing them.

One of the most absurd plans is to cut the amount of red meat Americans eat per year by 90%. That would mean every American would be permitted to eat about one average-sized hamburger per month.

And you thought the COVID rules were bad?

What’s more is that every American who wants to own their own vehicle may be forced into buying a $55,000 electric vehicle. No word on whether or not stimulus packages are already being discussed to aid Americans with the inevitable financial crisis that is sure to result from these potential rules and requirements.

The Daily Mail reported that Michigan University’s Center for Sustainable Systems did a study and concluded that if Americans just got on board and cut out most red meat and other animal products from their diet that alone could reduce “diet-related greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent.”

Americans would have to limit their diets to only 4 pounds of red meat per year, or .18 ounces per day.

The study also concludes that over 50% of the new cars bought in the US over the course of the next 10 years would also need to be electric. The University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy asserts that “cleaning up transportation would count towards about a quarter of Biden’s goal.”

The Daily Mail concluded, “It would mean more than 65 percent of new cars and SUV sales and 10 percent of new truck sales would need to be electric,” adding that “currently, electric cars make up about 2 percent of new passenger vehicle sales.”

That could possibly be because most people just don’t want electric cars though you’d think sales would be much higher considering all of the zealous climate change activists on the left in America.

After usurping the presidency, Joe Biden and the Democrats are looking for total control over the American people and if we fail to organize adequate resistance, they just might succeed.

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