Big Tech Targeting Arizona Maricopa County Audit – Google Not Allowing Requests For Volunteers To Be Shared

(Patriot Insider) – Big Tech censorship has really been ramped up since the 2020 election and even more so since the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

The establishment media outlets used the Capitol incident as the catalyst they needed to justify their unconstitutional, dangerous and unfair censoring of conservatives in the US.

Now they’re using censorship to impede efforts to uncover the real election results in Maricopa County, Arizona.

It’s no secret that there were some very shady things happening during the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County. The resistance to uncovering the truth has only solidified what so many Americans already know to be true.

Why has the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors been fighting so hard to keep the state Senate Republicans from conducting an audit to get to the truth?

Why are lawyers associated with Hillary Clinton and the infamous Steele dossier involved in obstructing efforts to conduct the audits?

Why is Big Tech hampering efforts to recruit audit volunteers and observers?

Google is now reportedly censoring requests for Maricopa County audit observers and volunteers. Even after the requests were switched to wufoo, they were still being suppressed and censored.

The Arizona state Senate Republicans just want to get down to the bottom of the 2020 presidential election, whatever the legitimate outcome may be.

They have been met with nothing but walls and opposition since first initiating their efforts months ago with a subpoena for the election equipment and ballots.

The MCBOS, at that time, took the state Senators to court in objection of the subpoena. In the end the MCBOS agreed to drop the lawsuit and comply with the audit efforts as long as they were the ones to decide who performed the audit.

Naturally, they chose audit firms that had connections with Dominion and would never find any fraud or corruption at all. It was so obvious they were purposefully attempting to pretend to cooperate while hiding the truth.

Eventually, the Senate was granted the right to access the election equipment and ballots but leftist activist attorneys have descended on Maricopa County like vultures, threatening auditors over alleged conduct concerns that might be allegedly “unconstitutional.”

Interesting time for Democrats to suddenly care about the Constitution.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans are demanding election transparency and answers for the debacle that was the 2020 election.

The auditing process is perfectly legal and anyone who cares about election integrity should support it.

No wonder Big Tech and the corrupt left are vehemently against this process from going forward without a hitch.

They’re hiding the truth and they can’t risk allowing it to be exposed despite the fact that tens of millions of Americans already know the election was fraudulently stolen.

Big Tech needs to stay out of US elections, period. They’re working against themselves anyway as their efforts to impede an audit only proves their hand.

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