Black CNN Commentator Admits Life Is ‘Worse’ Under Biden

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden’s so-called “presidency” has been a complete and total abject failure for all Americans but CNN commentator Van Jones blasted the Biden regime for failing the black community in particular, after they came out in “huge” numbers to support Democrats in 2020.

Van Jones said Thursday that life is “worse” for black Americans under Biden and claimed that the out of control inflation is worse for black people who are supposedly disproportionately impacted by it.

“This month’s poll numbers are finally reflecting the heavy sighs and shrugged shoulders that are evident in Black church pews, nail salons and barber shops across America,” Jones stated in a CNN commentary.

“African American voters are going through a season of heartbreak, frustration and disappointment with the Biden administration,” he wrote.

“The Black community is being absolutely pummeled economically — bearing the brunt of the soaring gas, food and housing prices,” Jones said. “It’s no wonder only 34% of Black voters in the CNN poll said they approved of Biden’s handling of inflation.”

Van Jones, a former political adviser to Barack Obama, said that the “pain is more intense” for black voters than other demographic groups because they, apparently, had higher hopes for Biden because of his pro-black agenda talking points.

In reality, Biden doesn’t give a darn about the black community and if black Americans were paying attention they would have picked up on Biden’s not-so-low-key racist remarks that he frequently makes. Fortunately, many in the black community have noticed.

Van Jones said that instead of improving the lives of black Americans when he took office, Biden has made it “worse.”

“You’re going through a summer now of real heartbreak with black voters, the polls show that,” Jones said during a CNN segment on the issue.

The CNN poll cited by Van Jones shows that Biden’s approval rating among black voters has nose-dived to just 57%, which is consistent with other demographic groups.

“Biden’s approval ratings for handling the economy and inflation now break negative among Black adults, who have been among the President’s strongest backers (47% approve and 52% disapprove on the economy, while 34% approve and 65% disapprove on inflation),” the leftist news network reported Monday.

Van Jones claimed that the Biden regime has supposedly done a lot for the black community but it hasn’t effectively communicated that which is why there is so much resentment toward the White House.

“They’re doing stuff, they’re just not communicating it,” he wrote.

If the White House has to “communicate” to the Black community about the things they are doing, it must mean those things aren’t very effective. Americans of any color or ethnicity should be able to feel the work the administration is doing rather than being told and that’s exactly the problem with the Biden regime.

Americans from coast to coast are hurting from the implementation of the radical left agenda by Biden and his lackeys.

Jones, however, insists that a lack of communication is why “there is a widespread feeling that the Democrats have over-promised and under-delivered for Black voters.”

Jones pointed out that Biden has made a historic $5.8 billion investment in black colleges, relaxed criminal prosecutions, signed an equity-focused infrastructure bill and appointed more black female judges to the U.S. Court of Appeals than any president in history.

These things that the Biden regime has done for the black community ultimately don’t have much of an impact on hard-working black Americans. The economy is the biggest concern just as it is for any other American.

Jones is also upset that Biden hasn’t delivered on slavery reparations for black Americans and has yet to “defund” the police. Apparently, to Jones, the solution is for Biden to increase pandering to the black community rather than addressing the problems and issues that actually affect them.

“They need to be spending a lot of money on black radio, a lot of money in black media to just point out the fact that Joe Biden is there for the black community and is doing stuff,” Jones wrote. “The particular pain is not being addressed aggressively enough.”

Democrats have been claiming to support the black community for decades but it’s all lip service and empty promises. It’s time for the black community to move on from the Democrats who have only ever pandered for votes then abandoned voters after winning elections.

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  1. Really Van??? Did you expect any dfferent? Of course you did, youre so far left its pathetic, but i will give you credit for admitting at least Biden is a screw in the wall.

  2. No one to blame but themselves!!!! African Americans would rather trust a group that has betrayed them for ever!! Living off the people is their way of life free Obama phone, food, shelter, health care and I’m sure there’s more. It’s become a way of life for African Americans to exist for free and complain about how bad it is for them. How’s that Biden vote workin for ya now. Stupidity is not an excuse they all know just how much they get away with. Maybe some day they will wake up get a job and live just like us privileged white folks that work 2 and 3 jobs to live the American dream. What a privilege to work so hard and aspire to have a better way of life then just rather exist

  3. Ohhh come,come now Van,…. you cannot POSSIBLY say that you did NOT see this coming ALL through the campaign cycle,…. the Idiot that Dems nominated was a known idiot even during berry O’dingle’s presidency,…. after he had BOTH FEET in his mouth at the same time,…. several times berry O’dingle made him stay off the air and out of the media as much as possible,….and he still got athletes foot of the toungue ,….and O’dingle made him shut up,…. and even O’dingle stated during the Campaign ” Everything joe biden touches turns to Shit ” direct quote,….


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