BOMBSHELL: Alarming Increase In Deaths In Yet Another Highly Vaxxed Nation

(Patriot Insider) – The COVID vaccines have done little to nothing to stop COVID. It’s been well-known that the shots do not stop the transmission of the virus but that’s OK, the leftist media says, the shots don’t have to stop COVID because they keep people from dying.

Big Pharma and the left have managed to convince healthy people all around the world that the only thing standing in the way of them and imminent death from COVID are the so-called vaccines.

Of course, this is all rubbish. The only thing the vaccines have effectively done is increase death, from other causes outside of COVID, that is.

In Australia, which has completely transformed into a liberal, dystopic, tyrannical hell, has reported that deaths this year were 10% above normal, excluding COVID. This is a country where the vast majority of people are fully vaccinated.

Australia isn’t alone. The same alarming statistics from Australia’s May 25 government report is consistent with figures found in the US which have been highlighted by insurance industry executives along with analysts who note the correlation with COVID vaccination campaigns.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson pointed out that Australia did not have any excess deaths and very little COVID in 2020 and most of 2021.

Berenson argues that these facts undermine the explanation that the spike is the result of delayed medical care or so-called “long COVID.”

According to WND, former Wall Street executive Edward Dowd teamed up with an insurance-industry analyst and compiled CDC data suggesting the Millennial generation suffered a “Vietnam War event,” with more than 61,000 excess deaths from March 2021 to February 2022.

Also reported by WND, in January the CEO of a Midwest life insurance company revealed the industry was seeing the highest death rates in its entire history, up 40% over pre-pandemic levels. The CEO noted a “three-sigma, or 200-year catastrophe, would be a 10% increase over pre-pandemic levels.”

Important to remember that these deaths are not from COVID.

The biggest increases in deaths in Australia were from diabetes and dementia, both nearly 30% above normal. In the US, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has seen an increase in severe diabetic dysregulation following the COVID mRNA shots, Berenson noted.

He also pointed out that there have been many stories of elderly people suffering rapid mental deterioration after the shots, especially after the second or third ones.

While non-COVID deaths have been skyrocketing, so have COVID-related deaths in Australia this year. The death rate from COVID itself has reached a much higher level than prior to the vaccination campaign.

Australians are vaccinated at much higher rates than Americans, Berenson noted, with around 95% of people 16 and over in New South Wales, the country’s largest state, having been vaccinated and around 64% of the state’s population having received the booster shots.

It turns out, the COVID shots aren’t keeping people alive after all. For the first time since the COVID ordeal began, Australia has reported significantly more daily deaths than the US on a per-capita basis.

Even more disturbing, especially for those who actually believe the COVID shots are the only thing keeping them alive, is that New South Wales also reported Thursday that 82 of the 98 people who died from COVID in the week ending May 28 were vaccinated, including 64 people who had received at least one booster.

Additionally, of 41 people admitted to intensive care units in New South Wales, only two were confirmed to be unvaccinated.

A commenter on Berenson’s blog post who claims to be a lawyer in Australia said the skyrocketing death rate in his country is “absolutely shocking.”

“Truly scary. Strange signals are now showing up all over the place. You cannot drive anywhere without being confronted by an ambulance screaming past – this was something I used to see once every few weeks and yet I now see several, each day,” he wrote.

His law office has seen a “huge increase” in the number of estates they are dealing with, and life insurance claims are taking much longer to process, which, he is told, is because of the sheer volume of claims currently being made.

Another commenter said he was “ashamed of my fellow Australians; they have complied like sheep.”

“I always thought I lived in a free country. The last two years I’ve learnt, I live in a dictatorship,” he said. “Please Americans never let them take your guns, please fight to keep your freedom. I dream of one day fleeing Australia and taking [my family] to America. People can’t work here unless they are vaxxed. It is bone chillingly frightening what happened to us here in Australia and it happened overnight.”

Things are going exactly to plan in Australia. Americans take heed. This is what will happen in the US if we lay down our Second Amendment rights.

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  1. Our tyrannical government under Biden and the democrat party want our guns only for the purpose of leaving us defenseless against them! We cannot let this happen or we will be at their mercy and under their control!

  2. Yeah, but isn’t the official line from the “science” folks at the CDC and NIH, the politicians who are the only ones, that really know, isn’t that long COVID stuff just a bunch of hooey? That’s what they say, even in the face of overwhelming data, that it is happening. Just like, mandating vaccinations when they do nothing, denying the multitude of deaths associated with the vaccines, brainwashing everyone into believing it’s just because not everyone is vaccinated. What hogwash. This is an orchestrated attempt to create a one world government and only America can stop it. That’s why it so important for us to put a stop to this madness by absolute criminal masterminds who work night and day to make everyone their slaves. Our current government is in cahoots with these criminals and need to be removed.


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