BOMBSHELL: Funeral Industry Insider Says She’s Inundated With Heart Attack, Stroke, Blood Clot Victims

(Patriot Insider) – Back when the whole COVID charade first began in 2019, there were chilling rumors of massive shipments of caskets in various parts of the world. The rumors stirred people into a panic; they actually believed COVID was going to kill huge numbers of people.

As it turns out, the virus was nowhere near as dangerous and deadly as the COVID vaccines have turned out to be. Perhaps the rumors of piles of caskets were true but the caskets weren’t for those who died from COVID but rather those killed by the vaccines.

One funeral worker in Sydney, Australia, says that there are droves of deceased individuals being cremated after dying from vaccine-related injuries such as “heart attacks, strokes and blood clots.”

She also issued a grave warning that children are next.

The mortician was interviewed during a recent rally and she asserted that she’s been coming across numerous young men who’ve died from these causes but added, “the odd thing we’re finding is the paperwork is inconclusive and unknown.”

“No services; straight to the furnaces, and then the people are getting the ashes back with the urn.”

She revealed that the number of deaths has become so overwhelming that many funeral homes have been forced to acquire large freezers to store the dead.

“Some of the places are actually installing extra-large freezers that hold a minimum of 20 – and some of them are ordering eight big containers that each hold 20 bodies,” she added.

The mortician is understandably disturbed by the whole thing and worried that she’ll soon be seeing an increase in deaths among children due to the vaccines.

“Everyone just needs to realize – don’t do it man, look at it from us. We’ve had enough. We don’t want to see the little kids getting jabbed,” the woman said, refusing to identify the morgue she works at.

“Don’t do the kids, guys,” she warned, adding, “They have a life ahead of them and we’re seeing the other side of this and – this is just devastation.”

It’s alarming how many millions of people around the world have been utterly convinced that COVID will kill them if they don’t submit to the vaccine demands of their governments.

People have got to wake up already. The entire COVID “pandemic” has been entirely driven by propaganda, not facts.

Healthy people have always had little to no risk from serious infection or death while children hold virtually zero risk of either.

The vaccines, on the other hand, are going to cause far worse damage. Already young, healthy adults are mysteriously suffering from heart attacks and strokes at a rate that should concern us all.

Of course, it’s no mystery at all. The vaccines are not safe. If they don’t cause a heart attack, stroke or some other horrifying “side effect” right away, they will eventually. These inoculations are ticking time bombs.

No wonder droves of people have taken to social media to express their regret for ever trusting the government in the first place and getting the jabs.

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