Bombshell Interview: New Docs Found On Hunter’s Laptop From Hell

(Patriot Insider) – Hunter Biden’s laptop is the gift that keeps on giving. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be any real consequences for anything exposed via the laptop.

Nonetheless, even more new documents have been found from the laptop from hell by researcher and political activist Jack Maxey.

Maxey appeared on “Real Talk With Mary Grace” to discuss how he came across the new information and what’s next in this ongoing saga.

You might be wondering just who is Jack Maxey? Well, he worked with Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani years ago and because of that he had access to the laptop.

Maxey became unsatisfied with the investigation being done by some of the people and institutions the laptop had made rounds with and thus he decided to make his way to Switzerland to conduct a complete forensic audit.

“In the last three days, we found 450 gigabytes of erased material,” he told Mary Grace. “That would include hundreds of thousands of emails we didn’t know about, 80,000 plus images and videos we knew nothing about, thousands and thousands of documents. We have also been able to recover all of the attachments, which we could never see before.”

Most disturbing is that Maxey said one of his researchers told him the recovered pictures were “all little girls.”

His team made the decision to stop looking at the images any further as they will have to be turned over to the Swiss police if child pornography is discovered. In the meantime, the group will sort through and eventually release all the emails and documents they discover.

At the end of this week, Maxey and his team will be reviewing the images and videos with law enforcement officials to ensure the proper procedures are followed regarding any disturbing crimes that might be exposed from the media cache.

Maxey has already discovered through the documents that Hunter Biden apparently has access to the Department of Defense email system, which is an obvious national security risk.

He promised those eager to see the new documents, “You will have access to all of the several hundred thousand emails before Joe Biden lands in Poland,” which he is set to do Saturday.

According to Maxey, the laptop requires careful and cautious handling because it apparently contains dozens of images of trafficked women along with hundreds of transactions with drug dealers and human traffickers in several countries.

Some of the documents also show that Hunter had a spy in the Swedish embassy, got Rosemont Seneca co-worker a spot as then VP Joe Biden’s assistant and had access to several DOD email servers.

Hunter could also have a connection to the US-funded biolabs in Ukraine that the mainstream media insists no one is allowed to talk about. According to Maxey, Ukrainian gas company Burisma, which Hunter sat on the board of, may have been a significant shareholder in Metabiota.

The lengthy interview also discusses the Clinton Foundation connections in Ukraine, the Biden family relationship with communist China, a link to infamous Boston gangster Whitey Bulger and much, much more.

The real question is, will any of it make any bit of difference?

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  1. The Clinton and Biden families are nothing but a bunch of traitorous crooks, corrupted to the core! Will something be done, I sure hope so! Justice is supposed to be blind and show no favoritism and we all know that that isn’t true. If you are rich, famous or powerful you get a slap on the wrist while the average person pays the maximum price when they break the law! That is not justice!

  2. Our government needs a COMPLETE OVERHAUL from the TOP down. We The People are being sold out to the highest bidder by all the CORRUPT DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS.

    • Hear here ! and the lead off in the overhaul should be, arresting all of those who are currently shrugging-off charges , Jailing all of those cheating, Lying, stealing, scamming politicians involved

  3. We had a chance for a complete overhaul when President Donald J. Trump was legaly elected President and the Conservatives were in control of both houses. And what did the rinos do? They stonewalled the OUTSIDER at every corner of his term in fear of President Trump discovering their crooked way of doing business as usual. Well now the Republican Party has this illegaly elected know-nothing for a president for 4 years of tearing down in 4 years what It took Americans over 200 years to build up. GOD Save Us.

  4. IF this Goes to court nothing will be done, just like suckyerbird hasn’t been charged, hilLIARY hasn’t been charged, Oblamer hasn’t been charged, the demonRATs continue to violate both Oath and Constitution and no one is charged, nasty nancy has indulged in insider trading and no complaints or Charges have been filed, Commissar cho Bai din has continually violated both, law and constitution and hasn’t been charged


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