BOMBSHELL: Judge Allows Election Investigation To Move Forward

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime have been in control for almost a full year now but there are still patriots fighting to expose the truth about the 2020 election.

In Wisconsin, a judge has just refused to block subpoenas seeking more information into the matter issued by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

According to Courthouse News, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Rhonda Lanford has rejected an effort by the state’s Democrat Attorney General, Josh Kaul, to shut down the subpoenas.

Gableman was assigned by State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, (R-Rochester) to take a closer look at allegations that the 2020 presidential election was mired with problems.

The former state Supreme Court justice has issued dozens of subpoenas including to members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission and WEC Administrator Meagan Wolf.

The Western Journal recently reported that Gableman has issued some 70 subpoenas to state groups, employees, special interest organizations, companies and more.

“The investigation is looking into several components of what went on during the election. Gableman is looking into how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the money he donated to the Center for Tech and Civic Life influenced the election, what the Wisconsin Election Commission was doing, the conduct of the mayors and the municipal clerks, the operation of the voting machines and other factors which might have influenced the election,” the report said.

Naturally, Democrats in the state have been doing everything they can to obstruct and interfere with these efforts.

AG Kaul sued in an attempt to shut down the subpoenas and stop Gableman from conducting interviews to gain a better picture of what really went down during the 2020 election cycle in the state, which went to Biden by a small margin of just 20,000 votes.

Judge Lanford’s ruling will allow the subpoenas to proceed, however, she has also allowed the challenge to those demands for information to continue.

“As a practical matter, it would be nonsensical for this court to limit authority to bring an action on the claims set forth in the complaint, because to do so would grant unfettered power to the defendants to proceed with the investigation in any manner they wished despite constitutional violations,” Judge Lanford asserted.

Courthouse News reported that while there have been audits performed in the state, no fraud has been found that could affect the outcome of the election. There have been, however, dozens of recommendations made on how to clean up the state’s election processes. Clearly, things did not go as they should have during the 2020 election cycle.

Gableman is not only looking to conduct interviews for more information, he’s calling for jail time for the Democrat mayors of Madison and Green Bay for refusing to cooperate. A hearing to sort that out has been scheduled for Jan. 21, 2022.

Some of the biggest issues in Wisconsin come from the fact that the mainstream media purposefully suppressed important stories in regards to Joe Biden and his involvement in his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

The mainstream media did everything they could to shut down the stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop which contained emails that strongly indicate Joe Biden not only knew about his son’s business dealings, which he previously claimed not to know anything about, but also that Joe Biden was raking in big bucks as part of the schemes.

A Media Research Center review found that had the mainstream media not suppressed these stories it would have resulted in enough people in the state withholding their support of Biden that he would not have won.

Another issue was the involvement of Facebook millionaire Mark Zuckerberg who was heavily donating to voter outreach campaigns. He spent $420 million on reaching voters for Joe Biden and his efforts could have been more than enough to result in President Trump’s defeat.

Gableman is looking into these matters and also wants to know how city mayors, clerks and others were influenced by Zuckerberg’s money.

The votes in Wisconsin may have all been legal but that doesn’t mean they were right. Voters were essentially lied to by the legacy media about Joe Biden and others were manipulated by the efforts of Zuckerberg.

Gableman needs to get to the bottom of it all so that the State Assembly can write laws to prevent such outside interference in future elections.

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