Bombshell Photo Shows Biden Compromised, Illness Could Mean Harris In Office In Days

(Patriot Insider) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tested positive for COVID-19 this week and just may have exposed Joe Biden during a bill signing prior to her positive test result.

Democrats are all about constant COVID testing so it was only a matter of time before Pelosi got a positive result. Does that mean she’s actually sick? Who knows. The tests are notoriously inaccurate but no matter.

Pelosi will be in quarantine as per the CDC recommendations and she’s double vaxxed and boosted. She’s asymptomatic and attributes that to the “robust” protection the vaccines provide. Or, it could just be that she’s not actually sick with COVID at all.

Nonetheless, Pelosi had close contact with Joe Biden on Wednesday, just prior to her positive test result on Thursday. Should Joe Biden fall ill, Kamala Harris just might be in office in days.

On Thursday morning, it was announced that Pelosi tested positive and then it was revealed that just the previous day she and Joe Biden had touched hands during a bill signing ceremony for postal service reform.

“Pelosi was on stage, unmasked with POTUS yesterday at the postal service reform act bill signing – inches away from him,” Jacqui Heinrich, Fox’s White House correspondent, tweeted on Thursday morning.

Breitbart White House correspondent, Charlie Spiering, tweeted out a photograph of the two decrepit politicians holding hands during Wednesday’s bill signing.

“Pelosi, who has tested positive for COVID-19 was with Joe Biden yesterday for the signing of the Postal Reform bill,” Spiering wrote.

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, announced the news of her positive result early Thursday morning and, naturally, made sure to thank the vaccines for their “robust protection” and encouraged Americans to get vaccinated and keep testing.

“After testing negative this week, Speaker Pelosi received a positive test result for COVID-19 and is currently asymptomatic. The Speaker is fully vaccinated and boosted, and is thankful for the robust protection the vaccine has provided,” Hammill wrote.

“The Speaker will quarantine consistent with CDC guidance, and encourages everyone to get vaccinated, boosted and test regularly,” he added in a subsequent tweet.

Despite the supposed “robust protection” provided by the vaccines, Pelosi and Biden are both high-risk for COVID because of their ages. Pelosi is 82 while Biden is 79. As we know, the vaccine doesn’t stop the transmission of COVID but, as the Democrats have claimed, it prevents people from dying.

Maybe, just maybe, if Pelosi is asymptomatic it’s not because of the vaccines working so well but rather because her test results were false.

Either way, Kamala Harris is certainly not an improvement from Joe Biden, and that’s saying something. Here’s to hoping Joe Biden fares well after his close contact with a supposedly COVID-positive Pelosi.

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  1. This is the ultimate plan to get him out of office. They all know that he in incompetent.
    Worse yet, the cackling idiot would be in charge and the drunk would be her backup.
    We will continue to be a third rate country.

    • Yes ! Butt Piglosi tested POSITIVE for the WUHAN VIRUS out of CHINA and Piglosi probably gave it to Beijing Joe with the Help of Dr. FRAUD (Anthony Fauci).

  2. I have been saying this since the liberal news media admitted that Hunter Biden’s laptop actually held information and was not Russian disinformation. It is time for Joe Biden to go. As his dementia gets worse his handlers cannot control him any longer so he must be eliminated. These are orders from whoever is really in charge. We know it is not Harris she is an idiot so who is really in charge? What has been called The Shadow Government, the Deep State or is it Obama?

  3. You can bet your bottom $ it’s Obama ! That sneaky Sun of a gun has his chops in it ALL ! Just hope that he she he,s married to stays out of it, one of the worst President and first ( lady’s ) we ever had

    • O’butthead was Only a Pretending President like Beijing Joe ! Susan Rice will be Speaker of the House since Piglos has the Wuhan Virus thanks to Ur’s turely Dr.FRAUD (Anthony Fauci ). And who knows what Effect it does to Piglosi.


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