BOMBSHELL: Root Cause Of Baby Formula Shortage Found…

(Patriot Insider) – Just like every other crisis facing America right now, the baby formula shortage could have easily been avoided had Democrats just cared to put the best interests of this country first.

If you recall, during the COVID pandemic when the country was being locked down everywhere and only “essential workers” were allowed to go to work, you know, like the ones at casinos and liquor stores, there were a variety of professions who were somehow deemed nonessential despite their very real essentiality.

Among those who stayed home were Food and Drug Administration food plant inspectors.

During a time of so-called pandemic, when public health safety was the only thing being focused on and talked about, you’d think food plant inspectors would be hard at work. You’d be wrong.

As a result of this bizarre decision, the critical Abbott Nutrition baby formula plant in Michigan was shut down in February for bacterial contamination but had not had a thorough FDA inspection for two years, according to the Associated Press.

Worse yet, some pandemic-driven staff shortages meant officials missed as many as 15,000 US food plant inspections.

Nurses, doctors, utility, retail and transportation workers were all required to continue working through the so-called pandemic in an attempt to keep us healthy, warm and fed so why on earth weren’t food inspectors expected to do the same?

Somehow, baby formula plant workers were considered essential while the inspectors of their plants were not.

It sure doesn’t make any sense at all but then again, nothing over the past two years makes any sense.

Is it any wonder that after a major period of no inspections, regulators would find problems at the Abbott plant such as sloppy sanitation procedures and standing water? What’s disturbing is that there were only suggestions made for how to resolve these issues rather than any formal warnings being issued.

Five months later, inspectors returned to the Abbott plant after bacterial infections had made four babies sick who consumed the powdered formula they produce. The plant was found to have contamination and it voluntarily shut down.

Abbott denies its products were linked to the infections, which resulted in the deaths of two of the babies.

The Abbott shutdown caused a domino effect that resulted in a massive shortage of baby formula which eventually required the federal government to seek formula imports from around the world.

The shortage has been no minor ordeal. At the end of May, the national out-of-stock rate for formula was at 74%, according to NBC.

The Abbott plant is now back up and running but lawmakers are concerned about possible missteps leading up to the formula supply chain disruption.

The entire ordeal has shed light on the shocking fact that baby formula production plants only to be inspected once every three to five years. Prior to the pandemic, however, inspections were being done annually.

A new bill in Congress would require inspections to take place every six months and there’s a government inquiry underway regarding the way the FDA dealt with Abbott.

Timely inspections during the pandemic might have just prevented the entire baby formula shortage, according to Sarah Sorscher, specialist in food safety at the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

She recognized there was a tradeoff for the FDA. “Certainly there was a price to pay for protecting their workers during that time,” she said. However, the pandemic was no excuse for baby formula production plant workers to stop coming into work.

On top of that, the FDA made sure that there was no shortage of vaccines during the pandemic. It’s hard not to notice the double standard between the way the FDA handles the medical industry versus the food industry.

Though it’s not surprising.

The point here is, the formula shortage could have been prevented just like every other crisis facing this country.

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  1. Miss President Trump every day now that I have seen how much damage Biden and the democrats have created. Knew it was going to be bad, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Democrats are a party of blame and no accountability, period, end of story.

  2. This situation is totally sickening. FDA inspectors staying home while people are getting sick or dying is not acceptable. Double standards need to be STOPPED. The Dems in control are not qualified to perform their job. Fire those responsible for not doing their jobs.

  3. The FDA, like all federal agencies during the pandemic had to make sure that their employees were toing the line and being good little, scared to death, bureaucrats. Now, 3 to 5 years sounds like an awful lot of bad product could get out and cause all kinds of havoc. Six months or a year sounds more like it. What’s wrong with the FDA? Add that to the way they, the CDC, and medical associations have gone over the cliff for inoculations and ignored other treatments and you have what looks like a crisis of competence to me. Ignored is really not strong enough, they worked like Hell to keep anyone from even talking about other treatments. Threatening doctors, nurses, even commenters on Twitter and Facebook with cancellation for that “crime” of asking questions about other treatments. Still not talking about them.

  4. Just like doctors in family practice offices doing “virtual” visits rather than coming into the office during a “so called” pandemic. The article should just say what it was a “plandemic” If you needed a freakin doctor the only place you could go was to the hospital death house. No thanks

  5. The ending summarizes it the best all of the problems we are facing were preventable. The supply chain crisis, the open borders, the baby formula shortage, the crime wave in all the shit hole blue states and especially the food supply chain problem that are no doubt being intentionally created. The Biden administration has failed the American people in every single way imaginable.

  6. Biden is only in the WH in order to take orders and release XO’s for Obama’s third term. Biden is taking all the heat for the problems that Obama set up for his socialist acts. Killing Americans and causing terror acts is just some of them. Contamination of foods and putting junk in what we purchase from foreign manufacturers is also part of that. We should be looking into all the foreign visitors (refugees) background, vetting them, look at their actions. Are they working somewhere and in the food industry? Have they been reviewed for any terorist groups back home. Are the men involved with ISIS. None of them have been vetted by law enforcement, immigration, ? What religion are they, Sunni Islam the major Islam that ISIS the Saudi and obama terror group started in the Syria and Iraq and now all over the middle east, Africa, south America, Europe, U.S. and Canada, pacific etc. Who do you think starts all the forest fires that has almost all the west from Canada to Mexico and Calfornia to Texas abd every state from the Mississippi to the Pacific. and thousands of homes and businesses destroyed plus enough lumber lost to rebuild the west. We all remember that the dems that interfered with normality during every day of 2030 and 2021 in every city and state, 19 states controlled by democrat politicians allowed the terror groups, isis and antifa and blm to march, burn, beat up seniors and children, burn official cars and got the police defunded in those states and there starting up again as this is an election year. And when the repubs had a peaceful protest march it was so until the dem terrorist groups infiltrated the march at the Congress and with the help of inside workers got open doors to have access and did a little housekeeping the dems made sure the blame was put on the repubs and now they have made a major national insurrection of it while the dems got away scott free? This what the dems do by lying have on the payroll these terrorists with foreign partner countries to provide the terrorist and blame the repubs. The only problem we have as repubs is to sit around and watch them do it and hope the dems cause so much hatred on themselves we might not vote for them. In the meantime think of all the seniors and children, the targets of the dems that get murderred by these evil, sick bastards and nothing is done, to stop it, yet..


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