BOMBSHELL: The Story Of How The 2020 Election Was Stolen Is Finally Taking Shape!

(Patriot Insider) – The 2020 election seems like it was just yesterday yet so much time has passed and so much destruction has been done to the US under the fraudulent Biden regime, it’s hard to believe.

When Americans went to the polls in 2020 there was certainly some concern over election rigging, with the COVID pandemic being used as an umbrella to radically change the way elections have always been done in this country.

Americans were right to be concerned but we had no idea just how conniving the Democrats were and how well-orchestrated their plans were.

President Trump won over 74 million votes, more than any incumbent president in US history. He probably had a lot more than that considering the landslide of reports that ballots had been discarded, counted for Joe Biden, or just ignored.

We’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden “won” 81 million votes, the most received by any presidential candidate in US history, despite the fact that he never left his basement and couldn’t attract gnats to any of his events when he did.

Biden and Harris were installed as our nation’s “leaders” and they’ve been proving just how unfit they are ever since. The only thing they’ve done well is implement the radical left’s anti-American agenda with one crisis after another.

The fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are so unpopular, unfit, and unlikeable is just proof that the election was rigged and that they are usurpers. However, we now have a much clearer picture of what really went down on Election Day 2020 thanks to an 18-month data driven investigation using smartphone pings, surveillance video, and other tracking methods.

According to this probe, there were at least 4.8 million fraudulent votes, which is far more than President Trump needed to win.

The investigation has been carried out by True the Vote founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, and Gregg Phillips, a co-founder of a healthcare data company. They have enlisted the help of dozens of people to painstakingly analyze cellphone geolocation data, surveillance footage, and documents for 16-hours a day, to find any evidence to prove their hypothesis.

Their hypothesis is that there was a highly coordinated operation in the key battleground states that involved paid “mules” who went around stuffing unattended ballot drop boxes.

They say they now have hard evidence to prove their hypothesis is correct and that the number of fraudulent votes found is well above what would have been needed for Trump to win.

The states they have targeted include Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. In a sane, rational world, their findings would be all over the news, the authorities would be working to arrest and prosecute those responsible and the election would be overturned.

But, we live in backwards 2022 America. The media won’t touch it. The authorities aren’t interested. And no one would even dare suggest the 2020 election be reversed.

Engelbrecht and Phillips took their two petabytes of data (that’s the next highest measurement for data storage after terabytes and equals 1,024 terabytes or 1 million gigabytes) to filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. Together they made a documentary titled “2000 Mules” and it is going to be eye-opening.

The movie, which is currently in post-production, aims to be “totally transparent” and “give it all to the American people,” according to Engelbrecht.

“Now you can see what nobody is showing you to this point,” she said.

Phillips said, after the movie is released they plan to “pull the rip cord” and release all of their data. He also noted how people are scared to discuss the election, saying, “Everybody’s afraid right now. They’re afraid of getting canceled,” adding, but “on the other side of fear is freedom.”

This movie just might be the most important movie of the year. Take a look at the trailer now!

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      “If we cant have FAIR elections we wont have FREEDOM!!” truethevote
      “We will lose our country forever, so must get engaged in this!” me.
      And DON’T CENSOR the comment! because its true.

  1. We all know the election was stolen. I also believe a lot of democrat voters know it but they aren’t honest enough to speak up. We as a nation, are experiencing “victim self loathing” because we feel we let it happen. We did nothing to rectify the steal and are cowards for fear of being labeled “racists, white supremacists, homophobic, xenophobic, Russian agents, etc”. The left have programmed us to respond like Pavlov’s dogs at the mention of any of these key words. Yes, we are definitely programmed. We have to learn to be brave and courageous. Otherwise we lose again and again.

    • A lot of us are not afraid to speak up and say that the democrats are corrupt and cheated in order for Biden to win the election. You have to be a bird brain to believe otherwise. There is no way that Biden won while he stayed in his basement. Just seeing his turnout when he did appear was evidence enough. I am not afraid to speak out and I really don’t care what they call me. It just proves that I am right and they know it!

    • Do a Brazil protest! Take to the streets, but thats not the American way you say.. Thats the only way the media will report the disgusting and despicable lying and hypocrsy of the left. at least that wll be shown. Cant count on SCOTUS, they are silent, sitting on their butts not sayng a word.

  2. Everyone should hear this interview. Truth is told and PROVEN!! Justice needs to be done. The Supreme Court needs to hear this case. Our elections need to be secure. This voter crime needs to stop.

  3. Elections have gone to the dogs.
    Now they are in charge.
    With the next election round the corner will more bones be thrown to secure Cujo.

  4. S/C needs to hear this case……..and react accordingly …otherwise with this behavior continuing we
    are doomed….let the truth be known…now….

  5. Trump said; “We caught them. We caught them all” regarding the 2020 fraudulent election. He also said that there would be no more elections until the 2020 election was made right. What happened to all of that???


  6. Seems like kind of an old story. Nothing has changed, Biden still squatting in our White House. Only thing new is a small majority in the House since the November elections. Arizona managed to make that look illegitimate because a bunch of their machines quit and caused chaos. Favorites lost somehow, just like 2020. Person in charge of elections won but she hadn’t recused herself.
    So far, country is still on course for communism if the democrats have their way. Movie has been out for a while. See it on YouTube. If you Google it, the first thing that comes up is a piece from denying it. What would you expect?


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