BOMBSHELL: Who’s The Real President Of The United States?

(Patriot Insider) – From the moment Joe Biden usurped the presidency we all knew he was nothing more than a puppet. He’s clearly suffering from aggressive dementia, he’s beyond senile, has no ability to speak coherently or without a teleprompter or notecards and is all around totally unfit.

So who’s really calling the shots?

It’s certainly not the so-called vice president who is totally incompetent in her own right.

The irony is that while President Trump, who was one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen, was serving his term, unhinged leftists had the nerve to question who was actually in charge then. They loved pushing the idea that Trump was actually a Russian operative and worked for the Kremlin.

Now, with Biden at the helm, who is obviously too cognitively challenged to be in charge, no one in the mainstream is bothering to ask this question.

In an article at the liberal Brookings Institute, leftist Elaine Kamarck wrote, “What do we do if the American president is senile, unhinged, dangerously impulsive, divorced from reality, suffering from short-term memory loss, likely to start a nuclear war and therefore dangerous to the Republic?”

“In one way or another those questions have been asked (him) during his first tumultuous year in the White House,” Kamarck wrote. “The publication of Michael Wolff’s new book, ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ has resurrected the issue of presidential competency.”

Yet, here we are with the most incompetent president the world has ever seen.

Is it time for Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to be invoked, which has never been done before?

It reads: “Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

Of course, there have to be those in Washington seriously considering this amendment. Perhaps the only thing holding them back is knowing that Kamala Harris would then take over and it’s clear she’s no better, maybe even worse.

Yet, it seems like something needs to be done. The Biden presidency has been an abject failure from day 1. Of course, that’s from the perspective of Americans who love this country. To the radical leftists and psychotic globalists looking to destroy it, the Biden regime has thus far been wildly successful.

The fact that every single decision made by Biden and every action taken by him and his fraudulent regime are abhorrently anti-American, makes it even more obvious that someone is behind the curtain calling the shots.

Consider Kamarck’s words once again:

“What do we do if the American president is senile, unhinged, dangerously impulsive, divorced from reality, suffering from short-term memory loss, likely to start a nuclear war and therefore dangerous to the Republic?”

Despite the fact that she was talking about President Trump, her words are frighteningly true and accurate in regards to Biden, who has an abysmal approval rating of around 30%.

To top it all off, the Hunter Biden investigation isn’t going anywhere and things only seem to be heating up, which will prove to be problematic for the usurper-in-chief.

As far as who is calling the shots, WND columnist Wayne Allyn Root has some ideas. Back in October he called Biden “a brain-dead zombie puppet, incapable of knowing the difference between his wife and sister. I’m certain his wife, Jill, feeds him baby food in the White House basement – in a mask.”

He believes there are two candidates for the man behind the curtain and they are Barack Obama and George Soros.

“No. 1: Former President Barack Obama is back for his third term, to finish the job he started – the destruction of America, American exceptionalism, capitalism and the great American middle class.

“No. 2: But make no mistake, Obama isn’t the boss, either. Evil billionaire George Soros is giving Obama his marching orders. In the end, money talks. Soros has all the money in the world, along with a burning passion to destroy America. Obama takes his marching orders from Soros.”

It certainly does seem as though these are the most likely options for who is in control of the Biden regime. It may very well be an entire conglomerate of anti-American, NWO, globalists.

One thing is for sure, Joe Biden is not in charge. He’s just a puppet.

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  1. IT Ain’t Butthead O’ bummer or Dementia Brain Dead Pertaining Beijing Joe or even Keen Pad’s Harris. There’s Only
    Duly Elected POTUS Donald J.Trump. And Joe O’biden and his Administration of Parasites are FRAUD’S and Thugs.

  2. IF Beijing Joe was given a COGNITIVE EXAMINATION Joey Couldn’t and Wouldn’t be able to PASS It Besides Beijing Joe , Piglosi , Schumer , Schiff , Nadler Water’s and ALL the PARASITES in O’Bidens Administration Couldn’t and Wouldn’t

  3. I have been saying this since the democrats cheated in order to win the election. Biden is only a puppet and that is why he was selected to run and Harris is dumber than a brick and no better. It has to be what has been referred to as the Shadow Government who is calling the shots and giving marching orders. The leaders being George Soros and Obama would be my guess also.

    • You are correct! My opinion is the “cheating” with votes started during Obama’s 1st term, courtesy of George Soros.

  4. I have ALWAYS said the senile sock puppet was nothing but a PROXY to give Obama that third term he was hellbent on having and if you’ve got Obama running things, then you’ve “really” got that evil old NAZI George Soros running things,

  5. Sometime during the Osama Obama era, a news interview with Soros was played. One of his comments was, “I won’t rest until the United States is destroyed.” I cannot remember which news station it was, and I have been unable to locate it since. If anyone has access to it, I believe that it should be placed on the internet for all to see. It was an eye-opener!

  6. I have been saying this about Soros and Obama for the last year! Biden is totally incapable of running this country and so it follows that others are calling the shots. We all know that Soros and Obama both hate America and want it turned into the socialist states of America.
    I keep commenting that the way to stop Soros from placing radicals as judges and DA’s is to check on dem candidates, see who is furnishing them huge election dollars and if it is Soros and/or his daughter then do not vote for that candidate!!! That will stop Soros and his money from controlling our elections! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  7. Soros has never been investigated for his traitorous actions toward this country in this country. He paid for riots through a front store and when he stupidly didn’t pay his rioters, the rioters marched in front of the store and yet the FBI and DOJ did nothing about who was paying these rioters tearing down our cities and killing and injuring citizens during the riots. Soros gave training to the communist founded and led BLM members. He has a penchant for rioting as a tool for making our govt useless against him. He pays for district attorneys and lawyers who deliberately destroy our law system and let criminals rule the country. The FBI and DOJ refuse to follow the money paying for Antifa and these communist politicians, rioters, etc. Why isn’t Soros dying in jail for being a traitor actively engaging in overthrowing this country to set up a communist country. Isn’t that a definition of an American Traitor and if he isn’t a citizen than he should be kicked out of this country just as other countries have kicked out this communist who has come damn close to turning about four countries into communist countries. Ask Hungary and Great Britain, etc.


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