SHOCK POLL: 90% Of Voters Now Concerned About Election Cheating — 74% Support Voter ID

(Patriot Insider) – There’s no doubt in the mind of any true, red-blooded American that Democrats and progressives have been working tirelessly over the last 20 years to crash and burn our current democratic republic and replace it with the socialist vision of Karl Marx.

One of the ways they are managing to do this is through voter fraud. This has been a problem in American elections for a long, long time. However, the last presidential election, held in 2020, has ratcheted things up to an insanely high level. We’re seeing evidence pour in almost all the time that proves this last election was stolen and President Donald Trump cheated out of a second term.

Democrats have been proud of themselves, believing that they are going to get away with this scheme. However, most Americans haven’t fallen for the lies that have been spewed forth by the Democratic Party.

In fact, according to Gateway Pundit, a recent poll has revealed that 90 percent of American voters are very worried about cheating during elections, with 74 percent supporting voter ID laws.

That just crushed the hearts and souls of Marxists everywhere.

This poll comes out after the left has spent significant time, effort, and money over the last several months pushing for unlimited voting access to any person who just so happens to enter a polling station.

The Washington Examiner said, “The battles over the 2020 presidential election and subsequent fight between Democrats and Republicans on reforming the system have pushed the issue to the top of those Americans are now worried about.”

“In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 90% said it is “important” to end cheating, long the bane of elections and made a national issue by former President Donald Trump and his loss to President Joe Biden in 2020,” the report continued, adding, “Voters polled, however, do not believe it affected the overall 2020 election, though they are concerned about it intensely, said Rasmussen.”

“The pollster said that many voters believe the answer is a simple one and one that is called for in many states and GOP proposals: photo identification,” WE reported. “In early results shared with Secrets, 74% support the photo ID requirement, a blow to liberals fighting it. They called it a “reasonable measure” to prevent cheating.”

The poll went on to reveal, however, that many folks are still plagued with doubts concerning just how much of a viable impact cheating might have had on the results of the 2020 election, it did go on to suggest that voters currently believe politicians who oppose voter ID laws want cheating to continue.

And on that note, they are totally right. Of course the left wants this kind of cheating to continue. It’s the only way they can rig every single election and remain permanently in power.

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