BREAKING: Biden Asked To Resign

(Patriot Insider) – President Donald Trump’s spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, continues to demonstrate that she is a powerful voice in the conservative movement and is someone who truly believes in the agenda that Trump has pushed since he first set foot in the White House back in 2016.

According to Gateway Pundit, Harrington recently made an appearance on OAN where she had a chat with Natalie Harp about Joe Biden’s latest disaster, the collapse of Afghanistan and its take over by Taliban terrorists.

And let’s just say Harrington is a tough cookie who does not crumble. In fact, she comes out swinging.

“The American people see exactly what’s going on. If the regime was smart they would have trotted Joe Biden out to resign. Not to just be out there and blame everyone but themselves. This is their own disaster in the making. Instead of putting up the LGBT flag and tweeting about it at the Embassy in Kabul. They should have been talking about how to keep an agreement orchestrated by President Trump. How do we do this safely? Where is General Milley? Instead of testifying about white rage, why was he not on the ground doing a strategic plan? But sadly this is who is running our country now. They are enemies of the United States. They are anti-American. And they would rather spend their time on woke, far-left radical ideology, than defeating our enemies, keeping us safer, creating jobs, securing our border… As President Trump said today, none of this would be possible if we didn’t have the crime of the century,” Harrington went on to say during the interview.

Biden has put weak leadership on total display in this situation, which is making us look less like the superpower we’re supposed to be, and more like weaklings who bow the knee to radicalized terrorists. And by doing that, we are empowering them to continue this sort of conquest and violence, inviting future attacks along the lines of September 11, 2001.

In fact, according to another report from GP, the Taliban is currently calling the shots, as they’ve told Biden and Democrats expect Americans to do as the new rulers take over during the course of the next four weeks.

Suhali Shaheen, a spokesperson for the Taliban, has demanded the U.S. “withdraw all their forces” by September 11, the anniversary of the terrorist attack that ended the lives of 3,000 American citizens and launched the war in Afghanistan in the first place.

“A senior spokesperson for the Taliban has warned that the US military personnel in Afghanistan must be gone by September 11, after Washington redeployed soldiers to watch over the evacuation,” Russia Today reported.

“The US must remove all its troops from Afghanistan by September 11, Suhail Shaheen, a member of the Taliban’s political office and negotiation team in Qatar, told Sky News,” the report continued.

“Shaheen said the militants remain committed to not attacking US servicemen, and their immediate goal is to maintain security and prevent incidents around Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul,” the report added.

And we thought Obama was a weak leader. Apparently he has nothing on his old pal Joe Biden. This is embarrassing and terrifying at the same time.

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