Breaking: Former Oregon Democrat House Speaker Arrested For Violating Human Sex Trafficking Law He Voted For

(Patriot Insider) – It sure seems as though the modus operandi for Democrats is hypocrisy. Operating with double standards and being an outright hypocrite are the hallmarks of any good, lockstep Democrat in 21st century America.

Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt was busted by the Portland police during an undercover sex trafficking sting operation that took place last month.

Naturally, Hunt isn’t talking or giving his side of the story. When contacted by the Portland Tribune for comment on May 3, Hunt said, “I don’t think I should talk about that.”

According to Hunt’s attorney, Michael De Munis, Hunt “denied the allegations, but respects the criminal justice process” and therefore is waiting until he appears in court to say anything.

Where is the hypocrisy, you ask? In 2007, Hunt was one of several sponsors for a bill that criminalized sex trafficking. In 2011, he voted for HB 2714, which created the crime of commercial sexual solicitation.

Hunt was arrested and cited for violating this very bill.

In a press release from the Portland Police Bureau given on May 1, they explain that their Human Trafficking Unit had cited eight men in an operation conducted in April.

The operation involved undercover officers posting online decoy ads on known human trafficking websites. The men cited in the sting “contacted undercover police officers to arrange payment for sexual acts.”

They were then busted and criminally cited on the charge of “commercial sexual solicitation.” How ironic that Hunt voted for the very bill that he would later be charged with violating.

The list of those cited in the sting was not made publicly available but the PPB did say that it would be released upon request. The Portland Tribune requested the list and received it on the morning of May 3.

Included on the list was “53-year-old David Hunt of Milwaukie.”

The Portland Tribune verified that this David Hunt was, in fact, the very same David Hunt that served as Speaker of the House in Oregon from 2009-2011 and was currently serving on the CCC board.

According to the information the Tribune received from the PPB, Hunt was arrested on April 28 by two Portland police officers at a Ramada Inn in Southeast Portland.

The Tribune reports, as a Democrat, “Hunt served as state representative for District 40 of the Oregon House of Representatives, representing Clackamas County from 2003 to 2013.” During that time, he was elected Oregon House Majority Leader for the 2007-2009 session and went on to serve as Speaker for the 2009-11 session.

The Tribune further details Hunt’s professional life saying that after leaving the state House, he went on to serve “as president & CEO of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition for five years and as senior vice-president of Strategies 360 for three years. He currently serves as president and CEO of Columbia Public Affairs, where he is also a registered Oregon lobbyist.”

Not only is Hunt a typical Democrat hypocrite but he also thinks he is above the law, just like a typical Democrat.

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