BREAKING: Kids Of Michelle Obama’s Brother Booted From School… Lawsuit Now Filed

(Patriot Insider) – According to a new report from WND, a lawsuit has now been filed against a school in the state of Milwaukee by former First Lady Michelle Obama’s brother and his wife after their kids were disenrolled from the academy due to their parents’ “disrespectful and demanding” communications.

A report from the Daily Mail has revealed that Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s brother, along with his wife, have sued the school over the dismissals.

The couple apparently complained several times to the school about incidents of alleged racism, and the school then responded by issuing a letter charging they “repeatedly engaged in disrespectful and demanding communications with our teachers and administrators.”

The letter then stated, “it has only become more evident that there has been a complete breakdown in your family’s trust of and respect for USM.”

“Their target in the lawsuit is University School of Milwaukee. They claim in the complaint that the private school retaliated against them because they accused the school of a racist bias in the school – which they overheard during virtual learning during COVID,” WND reported.

Robinson’s boys are 9 and 11 years old.

“Craig and Kelly Robinson complained to the school in January and March 2021 about what was being taught. The report explained they had concerns about ‘racial and socio-economic bias,'” the report said.

Craig Robinson then spoke with GMA where he said, “We heard what was going on in the classroom because of COVID. ‘There were repeated use of racial and ethic (sic) stereotypes that were in actual assignments. The use of the word plantation, and things of that nature.”

“In addition…there was an insensitivity to socio-economic status as well as a disregard for the children who weren’t physically in the classroom,” Robinson continued.

The report then explained they had “conversations” with the academy to offer a few suggestions, but were “stunned when the school dismissed their children.”

The Daily Mail then reported, “The parents thought that conversations with the school would help, but instead they received a termination letter for the boys.”

The tuition for the school is somewhere around $24,000 a year per child. In other words, only the privileged elite can afford to send their kids to this particular educational institution. And yet, for whatever reason, the Robinsons feel they are entitled to even more due to their status and connection to the former first lady. Not surprising.

Keep in mind, back in 2014, Oregon State actually fired Craig Robinson from his position as the school’s men’s basketball coach. All of this reveals a lot about the man’s character, doesn’t it?

Some individuals are simply difficult to get along with. The fact Michelle’s family is like this really makes her own behavior make a lot of sense, especially when you look back at the Obama administration.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of the drama between Robinson, his wife, and the school where their children were dismissed from attendance.

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  1. You will teach my kids the way I want you to teach them! We are important! I am Michelle Obama’s brother and that should scare the hell out of you! You do it my way or else! Typical of those who feel they are special and better than everybody else.

  2. Interesting… We are not allowed to stop teachers and administrators from LGBT & BLM teachings to our children when we do not agree. But these over privileged people think they need to have their voices heard??? Get Real your not better than us… like us you don’t like it Home School your kids!

  3. What type of work did these people do in order to pay $24,000 a year per child? They did not come from affluent families. Did they become rich after Obama was elected President?

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