Breaking: Mike Lindell Announces He’s Launching A Brand New Social Media Platform

(Patriot Insider) – MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has been one of the primary targets of the establishment’s anti-Trump campaign to shun supporters of the former president from all polite society—and the digital public square.

Lindell, who has emphatically stated he believes and has proof that President Trump was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election after supporting him through the whole of his political career, is one of many allies to the former POTUS who has been booted from Twitter.

The reason, of course, has been his unapologetic views on the integrity of the most recent general election, something which has become completely verboten on Twitter (even though no one ever bothered to censor anyone who declared Trump to be an illegitimate president relentlessly the whole time he was in office).

“Establishment media have routinely dismissed the claims by President Trump and others as ‘baseless’ and ‘conspiracy theories.’ But there were some 5,000 sworn affidavits submitted by people who say they witnessed vote fraud or irregularities. And the cases presenting that evidence and more in court were dismissed for reasons such as standing and timing, not on the merits,” WND notes.

Well, Lindell, who is best known for building his business empire after overcoming crack-cocaine addiction with his faith in Jesus Christ, is now taking up the charge of finding an alternate space on the internet to the censorial Tech Tyrants.

He’s starting his own social media platform.

Lindell announced his plans on Charlie Kirk’s podcast on Friday, as reported by Business Insider.

The patriotic businessman said that the platform, where “people will be able to talk and not walk on eggshells,” could launch in the next month.

By his description, the site will be welcome for anyone and everyone, in what he sees as direct opposition to how sites like Twitter operate.

“Every single influencer person on the planet can come there. You’re going to have a platform to speak out,” Lindell explained. “It’s not just like a little Twitter platform.

“We’re launching this big platform so all the voices of our country can come back and start telling it like it is again,” he continued, explaining that conservatives will now no longer be reliant on the Silicon Valley giants’ internet infrastructure to share and consume content.

“You will not need YouTube. You won’t need these places. So it will be where everything can be told, because we’ve got to get our voices back,” he explained.

Conservatives for years have discussed the need for an alternate platform to those owned by Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

However, so far most attempts to create an alternative platform have been met with targeted attacks from the monopolistic tech giants.

Lindell, who is already at the top of the left’s s*** list, is virtually declaring war on these tyrants.

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      • And Biden has lost his mind. He has Alzheimer’s and he isn’t the person running this country. Obama and Pelosi are the puppeteers who are pulling puppet Biden’s strings.

  1. Gei it on Mike. I have left FB as nd Twitter because of ssnctions and millions more will. What will it be called? Pillow Talk?

  2. Lindell has been eating his pillows thinking they are marshmallows, they have stuffed his brain with conspiracy theories and delusions.

  3. I quit FB and Twitter. Go Mike! He made a fortune selling freaking pillows. How awesome is that. Capitalism is the only way. F FB. F Twitter. God Bless!


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