BREAKING: Mike Lindell Drops Dominion Vote Tabulator Bombshell

(Patriot Insider) – Mike Lindell is still fighting against the rigged 2020 election. On Tuesday morning, Lindell joined Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room podcast where he dropped a major bombshell in the Dominion vote tabulator case in Mesa County, Colorado.

Lindell explained that part 3 of the independent forensic report was now available (read it here) and that he and his legal team planned to use the report “to shut down their machines” in several states.

The report was prepared by chief technical officer of Cyber Team US, Doug Gould. Gould is an expert in cyber security with over 40 years of experience, 31 of which he spent as Chief Cyber Security Strategist at AT&T.

Lindell told Bannon that his team of lawyers plan to use the new evidence in the report to get preliminary injunctions in individual states to shut down voting machines. He said they would be starting with seven states though declined to name which states those would be.

The forensic investigation found that numerous log files had been either deleted or overwritten and the log files are required to reconstruct the function of and events taking place on the voting systems. The original log files must, by law, be preserved.

The requirements establish that voting machines are required to generate and preserve all log files of all system functions including normal activity, connectivity, file and data access, operator-and automated-processes and errors.

The log files are critical to the ability to detect improper operation which includes the system’s ability to detect malicious intrusions and other improper activities, conditions and configuration changes that could lead to the alteration of the actual vote count.

The forensic examination found a substantially high number of these requirements had not been met and that destruction of critical log files occurred.

According to the report by Gould, the destruction of log files is not incidental or minor but is extensive and appears to be intentional.

The purpose of the report is to present preliminary evidence demonstrating unacceptable conduct and system defects revealed by the examined images as necessary for the Chief Election Official to discharge her statutory obligations.

According to the report, election-related data which was explicitly required by law to be preserved, as per the 2002 VS criteria referenced in the report, has been destroyed. This destruction of files is in violation of state and federal law.

Because of this violation of state and federal law and non-compliance with the 2002 VS requirements, the voting systems and procedures in Mesa County, Colorado, cannot meet the certification requirements of the state and should not have been certified for use.

A more comprehensive investigation is required to determine whether these critical failures were the result of malicious interference or negligence and to what extent the systems have been compromised.

Despite the threats made against Lindell and the veracity of the attacks against his character and livelihood by the mainstream media and woke left, he keeps on fighting to expose the truth.

Mike Lindell is a true American patriot.

If there was nothing wrong with the 2020 election, why are the voting machine companies and radical leftists trying so hard to shut down anyone who wants to take a closer look?

The answer is obvious.

Disclaimer: This publication cannot confirm the results of Mr. Gould’s forensic examination study.

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  1. Go back to the way we used to vote! You registered to vote, you went to a polling place and they checked to see if you are registered to vote, you show your ID and you voted on a paper ballot! No cheating that way! I do not trust mail in voting, if you are to lazy to go and vote then we do not need your vote and you are probably to lazy to be an informed voter anyway!

  2. I agree eighTeenth to an extent,but there are those of us with mobility issues due to health. I had to vote absentee in 2020,not by choice but out of need. I never hope there’s a time I can’t vote.

    • So if your story was the only one out there or even one of the few, that’s one thing. But what happened in the 2020 election isn’t even close to what you’re talking about. We’re talking about an absentee system that was “played” to obtain a specific result. Where rich third parties broke the law to shower certain precincts with millions of dollars to create an electorate with one goal, to beat Donald Trump in any way possible. Where democrat donors with deep pockets bankrolled a “get out the vote” campaign that relied heavily on the idea of sending out millions of ballots by mail to flood the precincts, then muddy the waters around the return of those ballots so that no one could determine for certain who voted or not. Elections were started early and held open for days and weeks after the fact until enough ballots were counted to install Joe Biden as president against all odds to the contrary. Now we are paying the price of inflation, energy dependence, a stagnant economy and slavish adherence to a pandemic that is over but not allowed to die. So I’m sorry about your troubles Annie, but others have used excuses like yours to make the 2020 election one of the biggest crimes (so far) of the 21st century. The only question is, will all the parties involved be punished for it. I really doubt it and that may eventually be the biggest crime of all.

    • Annie, If you simply get a Ride to the polling place, some Guy like Me ( may even be ME),
      checks your ID against the poll-log, if your name is there I simply lift the tablet off of the machine and bring it to your car, You select your candidates and Legislation click on your choice, I carry it back inside and remount the tablet it gives me a vote receipt and I give that to you, No Duminion Machine, and NO demonrat antics, Simple Easy, not a chance of fraud, all of our poll workers are volunteers, all are older, and all of us feel a sense of pride at having done our Civic Duty, and the stipend is better than minimum wage for what we thought was a volunteer deal

  3. Mike Lindell, has been a steadfast and true defender of American democracy and the sanctity of each American Vote. God Bless you Mike!

  4. There’s a deep place in Hell for those law-ignoring, self-serving disrespecters of our national election system who game it for personal benefit by thwarting the public will. Whatever evil they manage to accomplish here will be of little value when compared to the eternity of payment they’ll be making to the God who hoped for more gratitude from them.


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