BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Will Go To Jail… Was Legally Drunk 2 Hours After Crash

(Patriot Insider) – While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is off in Taiwan on the verge of kicking off World War III, her husband Paul Pelosi is headed off to jail.

Back on May 28, Paul Pelosi was arrested on drunk driving charges after he crashed his vehicle into a Jeep in Napa Valley County, California, when he was headed home from a dinner party.

The charges against Pelosi were driving under the influence of alcohol and causing injury and driving with .08 percent blood alcohol level or higher causing injury.

Two whole hours after the accident, Pelosi’s blood alcohol level was 0.082, according to Fox News.

A statement issued Monday by the Napa County District Attorney’s Office said Pelosi’s arraignment has been scheduled for Wednesday.

The district attorney’s office sent out a news release on June 23, explaining why the state had decided to file charges against Paul Pelosi. The main reason, among others, that he was being charged was the “extent of the injuries suffered by the victim.”

“The punishment for driving under the influence causing injury as a misdemeanor is set by California law. It includes up to five years of probation, a minimum of five days in jail, installation of an ignition interlock device, fines and fees, completion of a court ordered drinking driver class, and other terms as appropriate,” the news release said.

“We are not permitted to try cases in the court of public opinion; rather, we litigate them in a court of proper jurisdiction. These rules protect the constitutional right to a fair trial enshrined in the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The Napa County District Attorney’s Office scrupulously follows these rules for all pending criminal cases; this matter is no exception.”

Paul Pelosi just can’t seem to stay out of the headlines as of late. Recent reports indicate that he bought 20,000 shares of a company that deals in semiconductors at the same time Congress was approving a bill to provide such companies with generous subsidies.

The bill, called the America COMPETES Act and the CHIPS Act, passed the Senate on July 26. Paul Pelosi sold his shares at a loss of $341,365 that same day to avoid making millions and making it painfully obvious he was acting on insider information from his wife.

Maybe some jail time will do Paul Pelosi some good.

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  1. I’m sick of the Pelosi’s. Can’t wait for the old biddy, Nancy Pelosi, to be permanently retired from politics. At 82 years old, I’d say she’s about 17 years past due for retirement. She will probably help Biden start WWIII before she finally leaves.

  2. Looks like they have decided Paul is going to take one for the team. They made him sell off his stocks at a loss. Now they want him to do the drunk driving thing that they came up with to appease MADD terrorists. The question is, is this enough to influence the midterms? Hunter is still a loose cannon, will they turn on him next?

    • I am wondering why you regard MADD as “terrorists.” MADD had a very difficult time establishing laws against driving under the influence BECAUSE of drunk politicians. I live in a state where there are very active attorneys laying lawsuits against drunk drivers.

      Until you perhaps experience a catastrophe induced by a driver under the influence, you perhaps don’t understand the trauma to a family that this produces.

      I drink very rarely. In fact, I am usually the “designated” driver. I am very old. I told my insurance advisor that I “may” get into an accident due to my age. But they can COUNT on the fact that I will NEVER be under the influence.

      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
      Retired surgeon

      • I’m wondering why you don’t? That’s exactly what they are. They are almost where woke started. I wonder why there aren’t Mothers Against Child Grooming, Mothers Against Communism, Mothers Against Homeless, Mothers Against Abortion, Mothers Against Drag Queens Reading Sexual Stories in the Library, why are there really only mothers against drunk driving? Local prosecutors found out they could make money from drunk drivers and in many cases ruin their lives for nothing more than breaking the letter of the law, the law was more fair for those that drink on a regular basis but never had any trouble until they were discovered by accident or pulled out of some kind of effort to expose them like a sobriety checkpoint or something. In fact the legal limit used to be higher. I know a guy who was arrested because he fell asleep in his car in a parking lot. This came about in no small part because of the constant harassment of prosecutors by MADD. Since we have allowed the tail to wag the dog, we are seeing more and more overreactions to what most people do to “break” the law and what professional criminals do every day with few consequences. Amazing the SF bay area lets homeless and shoplifters, even murders go about with the public on a daily basis and yet they feel they have to enforce drunk driving or get chewed out by this terrorist organization. I guess that’s why. So when are these other Mothers going to start griping to them about all those other things I mentioned? Nothing wrong with those things, huh?
        When arguing about seat belts I was harassed by one of your kind, an emergency room nurse, but the bottom line of her argument was, it’s going to cost her more money if I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt when she hits me. This makes it sound premeditated to me. Pass a law to limit your exposure when you do something wrong. Sounds like the same thing you guys got for the COVID vaccine, doesn’t it. Sounds like something you guys practice while your practicing to be doctors.

      • AMEN. On my AF crews I too was usually was the designated driver, although I do drink occasionally, but never to excess.

        Some of MADD would want to again ban alcoholic drinks, but that’s due to the pain of having lost loved ones to drunk drivers. Our family too has lost loved ones due to drunk driving. But we
        re not teetotalers.

  3. Pelosi will be sentenced to 38 seconds in jail and be out in 2 seconds for good behavior. He’ll be fined one whole dollar for his behavior and a young Swiss tutor will visit his home twice a day to give him lessons on drinking and driving, or she’ll do the driving from now on or they’ll just stay in bed to rehab.
    That’s justice. The system works.

  4. Typically alcohol levels are taken at the scene of the accident when the suspect is first arrested Since the authorities didn’t check his alcohol rate until 2 hours after he was brought to the station, it appears that someone was waiting for the level to drop to below the legal level set for being legally under the influence.
    If his alcohol rate was 0.082 after waiting for two hours, it definitely was much higher at the time of the accident.

  5. They said he was past the legal limit on alcohol but what about the drugs they said they found when they took the blood sample. I’ve heard no mention of that lately.

  6. Ever hear of the 8th Amendment, or doesn’t the Bill of Rights matter?

    When have we ever put someone in prison for years who hasn’t been caught driving drunk, especially without killing someone? And should we apply the same standards about lying to ALL politicians, especially presidents?

    By the way, how has Pelosi committed treason? I believe a very good argument for both sedition and violating the Logan Act can be made.

    Do you think a case can be made over the Russia Hoax scandal? It did involve collusion with Russia after all.

    A CONSERVATIVE constitutionalist


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