BREAKING: One Year Ago On Election Night All State Reporting Was Zeroed Out On The Edison Election Reporting System

(Patriot Insider) – A brand new report from the folks over at Gateway Pundit has uncovered something very strange that happened one year ago at around this time and it has a whole lot to do with the Edison reporting data that was provided to mainstream media outlets so they could report up-to-date results for each state during the national presidential election.

“We identified a number of issues last year before and after election night. We uncovered ‘glitches’ that showed up on Election Night 2020 where results in the Presidential Election were switched between candidates. This led us to uncover the Edison Election system data that was provided to Big Media that presented up-to-date results in each state’s election results. When we reviewed this data we found a number of unusual items,” the report said.

The data from Edison provided the number of total votes at one point in time and percentages of these same totals for each of the candidates running for president. Rather than list total votes for each candidate at any given time, the results had to be calculated. Gateway Pundit discovered some anomalies in the data where millions of votes were either eliminated or switched to Joe Biden.

“We then looked into the data set we had of the Election Night data and found various anomalies where multiple states recorded massive data dumps, we called ‘drops’, followed by a pattern where results were in a consistent but abnormal pattern, which we labeled ‘rolls’. We called this the ‘drop and roll,'” the report continued.

The Gateway Pundit identified that at around the same time period on Election Night that all reports for all states were suddenly eliminated and reported as zero. Sounds totally fishy, right? That’s because it is.

“For example, in the Edison reporting for Tennessee, its data was zeroed out at 5 am on the morning after the Election. (All times below are in Eastern time zone.) There was then no reporting on this data for over 5 days (screen shot here). This was the longest gap between when data was zeroed out and data was again reported in the Edison data,” the report added.

The Edison data for Ohio was then zeroed out at around 3:04 a.m. on November 4th. There was no further reporting until the 8th in the Edison data. This is the second longest gap between when the data was zeroed out and when it was reported on again.

“In the Edison reporting, Florida data was zeroed out at 1:43 am on the morning after the election and stayed that way for four days as well,” GP went on to say.

The shortest gap for any state in the nation when the Edison data was zeroed out and when it was reported again was in Wisconsin. The gap there was only three seconds long (screen shot here).

It seems that each state was officially zeroed out around the same exact time, and the reporting then started up again within 5 days of the zeroing out (screen shot here).

“We noted some additional observations related to this event. Trump was ahead of Biden in the total vote up until 4 am in the morning. Not much changed until after Florida was called, at that point the first state had its results zeroed out. After Texas was called the real zeroing out of state results occurred. There was one point where Trump was back in the overall vote lead when California’s results were zeroed out. Then slowly, state by state, results were again reported in the Edison data for each state,” the report went on to say.

There are a few questions about all of this that need to be answered. Why did these events occur in every state on election night? Why was the reporting reset on election night? What transpired during the gaps? Where was this whole thing managed from?

Probably the biggest question of them all is why no one bothered to investigate these results until just now? Do Republicans not care for election integrity? Are they not worried that we could be on the cusp of losing our country forever, our liberty dying with it?

This is no longer a belief for folks on the fringe. It never was, but more and more people, according to GP and a poll that was taken, believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that some form of cheating occurred.

“A recent Rasmussen poll found that 56% of voters say there was cheating in the presidential election. This includes 47% of black voters who believe there was cheating,” the report said.

We the people deserve answers.

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