BREAKING: Stacey Abrams Is Challenging Voter Citizenship Checks, But Her Expert Witness Just Got Exposed

(Patriot Insider) – As another gubernatorial campaign is coming her way, liberal activist Stacey Abrams’ latest legal effort to take down Georgia’s “exact match” ID and citizenship checks for voters hit a pretty big bump in the road when one of her group’s witnesses got totally annihilated in a cross-examination in federal court.

Nothing brings about more satisfaction than the smell of burnt Democratic Party biscuits as they attempt to try and defend their ability to cheat, lie, and steal elections. Because, let’s face it, that’s why they hate any sort of voter ID law. With something like that in place, they can’t inflate their voter rolls with illegals, like the ones they are allowing to flood into our country.

According to a recent report from Just The News, “Adrienne Jones, a 22-year political science professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta, was called last Friday by Abrams’ Fair Fight Action Inc. group as an expert witness in the ongoing civil trial against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and other state officials defending their voter integrity rules.”

Jones was put on the defensive almost right away by the attorney representing Raffensperger and other state officials, which forced her to confess to penning several incendiary pieces.

One of these was a column where she called for black women to “overthrow” President Trump. Hey, you know what? If white people said that same exact thing about Biden, they’d be immediately tossed in a cell for insurrection. In fact, that’s already sort of happened, hasn’t it?

Another article that Jones wrote claimed the GOP wanted to make “internment camps” for Americans.

“Jones also had to acknowledge she made a political contribution to Sarah Tindall Ghazal, one of the State Election Board members that Abrams’ group has sued in the case. The expert witness wasn’t even aware Ghazal was a defendant,” the report said.

“You actually contributed to Ms. Ghazal’s past campaign, right?” defense attorney Carey Miller went on to ask at one point.

“I did,” the professor responded.

“And you are aware that Ms. Ghazal is a defendant in this case?” the lawyer then asked.

“No,” Jones replied.

Jones then went on to contribute a total of 4315 to Ghazal’s campaign in the race for state representative in 2020.

“I think Mr. Miller is trying to discredit this witness… I think he is allowed to do it,” the judge remarked at one point.

During another point in the examination the judge also acknowledged, “I’m assuming he’s offering this trying to show me that, hey, that this witness is biased.”

“Jones is presiding over what many see as a high-stakes voting rights bench trial — with no jury — as he tries to evaluate Fair Fight’s claims that Georgia’s requirement for ‘exact match’ voter ID and citizenship checks violate the U.S. Constitution and the Voting Rights Act,” Just the News reported.

“Fair Fight, founded by Abrams after she lost the Georgia’s governor race in 2018 to Republican Brian Kemp, argues the voter integrity checks ‘violate the fundamental right to vote as guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments,’ ‘racially discriminate against Georgians of color’ and ‘discriminate against Georgians based on where they live and based on naturalized citizenship status in violation of the Equal Protection Clause,'” the report continued.

It seems that folks on the left are hoping this lawsuit will end up loosening election integrity checks they see as oppressive. Conservatives, however, are afraid that the lawsuit will be the first step in moving toward the removal of citizenship checks and paving the way for foreigners to vote in our elections. In fact, the city of New York is already allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections.

You’d think with high stakes like this in a trial, the media coverage would be high, but that’s not been the case. Much of the cross-examination and the articles penned by Jones have managed to escape public notice.

“At one point, the Morehouse professor was confronted by an August 2018 article in which she compared the 2018 election to 1955 and suggested Republicans would create internment camps for their enemies,” the report said.

“Are you asserting here that Republicans in Congress are encouraging internment camps in 2018?” Miller went on to ask Jones.

“Yes,” she replied.

“You are?” Miller, shocked, followed up..


Jones was also confronted over another article where she claimed the Democratic Party efforts “to pay attention to black and minority voters will be critical to its ability to overthrow the president.”

Miller then inquired what she meant, to which Jones admitted she was engaging in “dramatic flourish.” Which means she was making things sound really far-fetched and out there to elicit an emotional response from those who read her articles.

“This would not be a literal overthrow,” she went on to clarify during the trial. “I’m talking about elections here.”

“In one of the more consequential points of the testimony, Jones was questioned about her view of Republicans who voted for the renewal of the Voting Rights Act in 2006, arguing they were really trying to kill the landmark law,” the report said.

Miller then asked Jones if her argument was essentially that “”Republican support of reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act, without amendment, was essentially a ruse in furtherance of the end goal to overturn the Voting Rights Act through the courts, right?”

She replied in the affirmative.

“But Miller also inquired why Jones, in her expert report and earlier writings, also criticized Republicans who tried to amend the law and voted against it when the amendments failed, suggesting Jones was so biased that there wasn’t any scenario in which Republicans could be viewed favorably under the professor’s analysis,” Just The News said.

“Dr. Jones, I want to make sure I understand your testimony here,” Miller stated. “So voting yes means essentially a no vote, right?”

Jones answered yes.

“Seeking to amend the bill is a similar contention; seeking to kill it, right?” Miller then asked.

The professor responded by saying, “It is.”

“And voting no is also a problem, right?” Miller continued.

“It Is,” Jones said.

“Is there any option for a Republican legislator that you would not take issue with?” Miller asked.

“Based upon the history of reauthorizations of the Voting Rights Act, no, not really,” she acknowledged.

Miller then managed to get Jones to fess up to believing that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was a “voter suppression advocate.” He then confronted her with the record of voting growth since Kemp has been involved in public service.

“Would it surprise you to know that between 2016 and 2020 Black voter registration has increased 130 percent?” Miller posited.

“It would not surprise me,” she stated.

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