BREAKING: Study Finds Vitamin D Effective Against COVID-19

(Patriot Insider) – While our federal government is still insisting everyone get the COVID shots despite the fact that they don’t work, studies around the world are proving there are affordable, safe, effective ways to treat the virus.

Not only are the experimental vaccines ineffective but they’re completely and totally unnecessary.

Drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been proven to be highly effective against COVID and now a new study indicated vitamin D can be added to that list.

Israeli scientists are claiming to have amassed the most convincing data thus far that vitamin D supplements can help COVID patients reduce the risk of serious illness or death.

The Times of Israel reports that research conducted during Israel’s first two waves of the virus before the vaccines was used in the peer-reviewed study that was published last week in the journal PLOS.

According to researchers from Bar Ilan University and the Galilee Medical Center, the impact of vitamin D was so strong that all they needed to predict how infected people would fare is their age and vitamin D levels.

“We found it remarkable, and striking, to see the difference in the chances of becoming a severe patient when you are lacking in vitamin D compared to when you’re not,” said Dr. Amiel Dror, a Galilee Medical Center physician and Bar Ilan researcher.

He said vitamin D strengthens the immune systems “to deal with viral pathogens that attack the respiratory system.”

“This is equally relevant for Omicron as it was for previous variants,” he told the Times of Israel.

In June, researchers published preliminary findings that showed 26% of COVID patients died if they were found to be deficient in vitamin D prior to hospitalization compared to 3% who had normal levels.

In addition, hospitalized COVID patients who were vitamin D deficient were 14 times more likely than others to end up in severe or critical condition.

Dror and his team questioned whether the vitamin deficiency was a symptom of COVID rather than a contributing factor and in response researchers examined each patients’ vitamin D levels over the two-year period prior to COVID infection.

“We checked a range of timeframes, and found that wherever you look over the two years before infection, the correlation between vitamin D and disease severity is extremely strong,” Dror said.

Because of its wide scope, he added, the study offers “stronger support than anything seen so far emphasizing the importance of boosting vitamin D levels during the pandemic.”

Imagine if the federal government focused on helping Americans make healthier lifestyle choices instead of cramming the ineffective, dangerous COVID shots down our throats. There’d be no “pandemic” at all.

Which is exactly why the radical leftists and maniacal globalists now in charge of our government don’t promote vitamin D or any other vitamins or treatment options for COVID. It’s exactly why they’ve done everything in their power to ban ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

They don’t ever want the so-called pandemic to end. At least not until every single human on earth has submitted to their will and got the jab.

These people are evil.

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