BREAKING: U.S. County Launches Campaign To Register 16-Year-Olds To Vote

(Patriot Insider) – There are a lot of bad ideas floating around at all levels of government, whether it be federal, state, or even local. But one of the worst ones that is now being heavily pursued is a campaign to register 16-year-olds to vote in elections, who wouldn’t be able to vote until they are 18.

You know, some folks think kids this age should be allowed to go ahead and vote in elections.

Let that sink in for a moment. And if you’re not sold that allowing kids this age to vote is a horrible idea, go scroll through TikTok for an hour or so. You’ll quickly change your mind.

After all, these young people have been indoctrinated since straight out of the womb to believe the government knows best for them — more so than their parents — and have been brainwashed to believe that it’s perfectly acceptable behavior for a man to claim to be a woman and vice-versa. Is that really the kind of folks that need to be voting?

A report from WND says that the school board in Broward County, Florida has officially joined with the local elections supervisor to start up a voter-registration campaign for 16-year-old students (screenshot here).

Who will then be eligible to vote as soon as they turn 18.

The folks over at The Gateway Pundit reported that Joe Scott, a county elections supervisor, is now working with school officials on the above mentioned project, despite the publication confirming, “The 16-year-olds are not eligible to vote for two years.”

“Why not just sign them up when they’re 14 or 12?” the commentary then went on to suggest.

“The promotion is recruiting participants online, with popup messages on local websites,” WND reported.

“The move aligns the local officials with a campaign already well under way in far-left states like California and Colorado,” the report said.

“In fact, the National Conference of State Legislatures explains such “preregistration” programs have someone fill out an application,” the report added. “They are then added to the voter registration list with a ‘pending’ asterisk.”

When these kids turn 18, that’s removed and they are then allowed to cast their ballots.

The report then went on to say, “Preregistration states vary in terms of their registration age limits. Some allow 16-year-olds to preregister, and others allow 17-year-olds to preregister. The remaining preregistration states do not establish a specific preregistration age limit. Instead, these states allow youth to register to vote before the age of 18, provided that they will be of voting age by the time of the next general election.”

The report stated 15 states, plus Washington, D.C., now allow preregistering to vote as early 16.

Here are a list of these states: California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

There are a few other states that don’t actually have a specific age requirement to register to vote, however they allow a person to register if they will be 18 by the time the next election rolls around.

We all know how much the Democratic Party loves to cheat in order to win elections. How do we know that we won’t suddenly see these kids’ names on ballots, having “voted” thanks to “glitches” in voting machines? More names on the voter roll means more fake votes the left can steal.

You just can’t trust the Democrats with anything at this point.

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  1. And what are the republicans and the republican party doing about this. Kids need permission from the parents to join a military if not 18 and they need permission to get a driver’s license before 18 and are the ones in most accidents before 18. Common sense should prevail. They think like their parents like I did and once out of school at 18 and having to handle a job, college and just pure life, I eventually ended up using my brain and changed my voting from what my parents voted. Eighteen is fine for voting. They are out of high school and no longer under the political influence of schools. For example our teachers told us to vote for raises for teachers, additions like swimming pool, Christmas to winter holiday, Easter to spring break, for some democrat, etc., etc. Now, I have voted no for an addition or some school program that costs me while only benefits two kids while a needed advanced math program isn’t asked for by the school board. Having to pay the bills changes your voting and these crooked democrats and their cronies know it.

  2. It’s sad to say the republicans are probably doing nothing to prevent this as per usual. When the democrats want to do anything with our elections you know it will only benefit them and lead to corruption and cheating. With just a select few republicans that actual fight the democrats the rest will sit back and say and do nothing, they truly are spineless. Eventually our elections will be as corrupt as Russia’s, Venezuela’s and Cuba’s you get the point. So think about this the democrats have destroyed our press and media, they are going after our freedom of speech, they are destroying our schools, they have tainted/corrupted our elections and what have the republicans done to stop any of it? THAT WOULD BE NOTHING


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