BREAKING: Zuckerberg ‘Throws His Hands Up In Surrender’ After Debut Of ‘Rigged’ Election Film

(Patriot Insider) – According to a report from Breitbart, David Bossie, president of Citizens United, was elated when celebrating the success of the new documentary film from Citizens United Productions, Rigged: The Zuckerberg-Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump, which reveals how Mark Zuckerberg ended up dropping $400 million for election efforts to stop former President Donald Trump from winning reelection and help give Joe Biden a boost in the 2020 presidential election, going on to tell the news outlet that the tech billionaire has already put his hands up in “surrender.”

We all know well at this point that Zuckerberg has a vested interest in ensuring that the leftist agenda is continually pushed forward. His billions depend on it. However, he crossed a line this time. He stepped on the American’s fundamental right to choose leadership that reflects the values the people of this country believe in. And now, he’s going to have to face some serious consequences.

The Center for Technology and Civil Life, also known as the CTCL, which is the organization partially responsible for helping to distribute Zuckerberg’s $400 million grants for election efforts leading up to the controversial 2020 election, stated they would stop engaging in similar behavior for the next election. The announcement came less than two weeks after the premiere of Rigged, which reveals how Zuckerberg spent the cast to stop Trump.

It is a “big deal for us, one week after the film comes out, Mark Zuckerberg throws his hands up in surrender,” Bossie went on to say. “Obviously it’s a big victory for the film.”

“The film itself, Bossie explained, shows how Zuckerberg spent $400 million in last four months of the 2020 election. While Trump had been saying that the election was rigged, Bossie said it became abundantly evident that the biased media ‘won’t cover the facts’ or tell the truth. He, too, became frustrated that they seemed to lack evidence to prove any of it and noticed that no one was backing the president, so his organization went out and did it themselves, successfully demonstrating how Zuckerberg’s money essentially tipped the scales in favor of Biden,” Breitbart reported.

Zuckerberg “put his thumb on the scale before Election Day,” Bossie continued. “So President Trump never had a chance. He never saw it coming, but he never, ever had a chance.”

“Bossie provided some context to the figures, noting that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) spent $460 million on the 2020 election cycle over two years. Yet Zuckerberg spent $400 millions in just four months. It is ‘unbelievable’ what his money did, Bossie said, explaining that they ran the money through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and gave much of it to the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) — ‘about $325 million.’ For further context, that organization’s 2019 budget was just $1 million. Further, Bossie noted that the Chan Zuckerberg Institute’s chief strategist was David Plouffe, former President Barack Obama’s campaign manager,” Breitbart added.

According to Bossie, this money hit the streets in “big, big numbers.”

“And we spell this out in the film, that a total of $272 million, and of that $272 million, 92 percent — 92 percent of it — went to Biden districts. That’s how you put your thumb on the scale of an election before it happens,” he continued.

“The highest concentration of money went to Democrat areas, he said, going to urban centers to drive up the vote. And Zuckerberg did it, Bossie said, because his friends, supporters, and allies ‘really blamed him for helping Donald Trump get elected in 2016 and beating Hillary Clinton,'” the report went on to say.

“This was something he had to do to make up for what people’s perceptions were in Silicon Valley, that he allowed Donald Trump to become president and they held him accountable for it. So this is not something out of thin air,” Bossie stated before going on to commend Breitbart News for getting the word out about the movie.

“No one on the mainstream media was covering this issue” about the film, he stated, going on to note that conservative media outlets like Breitbart News, “drove this over the last week” and educated people, going on to add, “That’s the power of the conservative medium today.”

“Bossie said the battle is not over yet, however, as it is now essential to analyze how Democrat operatives did it, and use the Republican National Committee (RNC), committees, and candidates to make sure that this doesn’t happen again in future elections. He seemed optimistic, noting that in 2020, ‘our people didn’t know this was going on, ‘But now people know,” the Breitbart report said.

Bossie then stated that 12 states are now taking actionable steps, passing legislation to make private funding in elections illegal. Five other state legislatures have also passed bills, but Democrat governors have vetoed them, he revealed, listing Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Bossie then said it’s “outrageous” that governors are voting these bills, adding that it’s “because they want to be able to do it again.”

He then added that the movie has “destroyed” the COVID argument about funds being used to help with coronavirus safety because “clearly we know who Mark Zuckerberg hired, where they gave the money to — and what they ended up doing with the money was clearly not for COVID safety.”

People can watch the film at

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  1. I do not believe Mark Zuckerberg or his cronies about not meddling in the next election cycle. Take that with several grains of salt. They are no to be trusted.

    • I agree 100%. I can’t believe this could even happen in this Country. It’s past time for everyone involved to pay the price of what the Liberals have taken away from the American people and have tried to destroy this Country for money. What a total shame. The rest of the world is surely laughing at Americans.

  2. Zuckerberg should be thrown in prison or better yet, maybe one of the black mass shootings that seem to be so popular today will get him and his chinc ass wife

    • And let us not forget George Soros who also belongs in prison. Take all Zuckerberg and Soros money and use it to repair our country back to the way it should be. Maybe we should add Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden and Nancy Pelosi to the list as well.


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