Child Abuse: Unhinged School Bus Driver Slaps 10-Year-Old Girl Across Face Over Mask Dispute

(Patriot Insider) – Rachel Maddow recently explained how it was going to be a struggle for her to train herself not to fear people who aren’t wearing masks after the CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer had to wear masks.

It seems that Americans all over the country are just as brainwashed as Maddow. People are legitimately afraid of fellow Americans when they see them maskless.

In Colorado, this manifested during an incident in which a bus driver harassed a 10-year-old girl over her wearing her mask below her nose. The bus driver was caught on camera (video here) slapping the little girl during the encounter last month.

Bertram Jaquez, the bus driver in the shocking video, was driving his route when he overheard an argument between girls on the bus, which led him to stop the bus and intervene.

Children have been brainwashed into thinking that they are going to die from COVID-19. Many children are literally terrified of the virus despite having virtually no chance of complications or death. This fear has caused children to police and harass their peers over facemask wearing.

Though it isn’t clear what the argument between the girls was about, when Jacquez becomes involved he notices the 10-year-old wearing her mask beneath her nose and attempts to pull it up for her.

She reportedly informed the driver that she took it down because she wasn’t feeling well but instead of being sympathetic, Jaquez slapped the little girl across the face.

Can you imagine your child being treated this way by an adult over a facemask? It’s truly sick.

What’s even worse is that Jaquez attempted to justify his behavior and said in a written statement, “Out of reaction, I slapped her once.”

Apparently, slapping a child across the face just one time should be OK. Fortunately, action against Jaquez was swift.

He is now facing misdemeanor charges including harassment, assault causing injury, and child abuse.

The Fremont School District, where the child is a student, released a statement saying they “believe it is never okay to lay a hand on a child.”

For their part, the district responded very quickly and placed the driver on administrative leave, saying, “the driver’s actions justified termination,” and said they will conduct a full investigation.

Despite the district’s swift action in this case, it appears that this is not the first time Jaquez physically assaulted a child over facemasks.

In a portion of the district’s termination letter to Jaquez, it was noted that “This is the second time this year where you have physically touched a student out of anger. The first incident was August 19, where you grabbed a student by the arm after a verbal argument about wearing a facial covering.”

If you are an adult and cannot handle the idea of people not wearing facemasks correctly, working around children is not the job for you.

This kind of insanity has to stop.

Facemasks don’t do a darn thing to stop the transmission of COVID-19. They are ineffective as the supposed vaccines. No one should be bullied, harassed, or assaulted because they refuse to conform to the outrageous and absurd COVID-19 narrative.

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