CONFIRMED: Buffalo Killer Wasn’t Conservative… Despised Fox News, Greg Gutfeld

(Patriot Insider) – Over the weekend a self-identified “white supremacist” opened fire in a busy New York grocery store, killing ten people and wounding three. The left wasted no time pinning this heinous act on conservatives, specifically Fox News and wildly popular host Tucker Carlson along with Ben Shapiro, Greg Gutfeld and other conservative media personalities.

The only problem is, the truth just doesn’t seem to support their narrative. Sadly, this is not a shocking plot twist but rather par for the course for the radical left’s establishment media lackeys.

According to the suspect himself he hated conservatives and conservative media. The alleged shooter, Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, New York, recorded all of his deranged thoughts in a 180-page manifesto in which he declared his hatred for Fox News, the conservative media and Christianity and claimed to be a “green nationalist” and “authoritarian left-winger.”

This is the direct result of the left’s rhetoric that diminishes the value of the lives of those who oppose their radical agenda.

It is the left who is to blame for the divisive atmosphere in American politics but more to the point, there’s a lack of concern for mental illness in this country which is ultimately what drove Gendron to compile this manifesto and drive to Buffalo, New York, Saturday morning to kill 10 people and injure 3 who were shopping at a Tops Friendly Market in a predominantly black neighborhood.

The act was heinous and evil. According to witnesses, Gendron entered the store wearing military-style gear and began shooting with a rifle while yelling racial epithets. The police said the attack was “racially motivated violent extremism.”

What’s even more disturbing is the shooter had a helmet cam on his head which he reportedly used to live-stream the shooting on the platform Twitch for several minutes before it was shut down by the site.

While the police abstained from speculation on Gendron’s motives, the left-wing media and unhinged liberals on Twitter just couldn’t help themselves.

Former Obama press secretary Joe Lockhart jumped onto Twitter less than 30 minutes after the shooting was first reported to assert that Tucker Carlson and Fox News have “more blood” on their hands.

“More blood on the hands of @tuckercarlson and @foxnews this killer used their racist talking points to justify killing 10 people. Carlson won’t stop because as he explained to the NYTimes, it’s good for ratings. Lives be damned. As Carlson will be at judgement day,” he wrote on Saturday.

Another unhinged blue checked Twitter user, Georgetown professor Don Moynihan, also blamed Tucker Carlson despite the fact that Carlson was nowhere mentioned in the shooter’s manifesto. There is no evidence at all that the shooter was motivated by Carlson but plenty of evidence, from the killer’s own words, indicating he was not a fan of Carlson and other right-wing personalities.

Left-wing Twitter “influencer” Majid Padellan, who tweets as “Brooklyn Dad Defiant,” also wasted no time at all blaming Fox News and Tucker Carlson:

These leftists are exactly what’s wrong with this country right now. They immediately took to Twitter and spewed disinformation based on false emotional rhetoric to their followers without ever actually considering the facts in the case.

Without even looking at the manifesto the shooter wrote himself, in which he made it pretty clear he’s very far left, you can quickly gather from his social media posts that he is not in any way a conservative.

Others who are more sane and stable than the blue-check leftists on Twitter, pointed out that the manifesto had no ties to conservative thinking or Republican policies. Naturally, Big Tech is now blocking access to it so the left can freely continue pushing their false narrative based in fantasy.

There is absolutely nothing on his social media accounts or in the manifesto that would indicate he was influenced by the conservative right in America.

Even if the killer was a fan of Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro and other high-profile media personalities, that wouldn’t immediately make them responsible for his heinous and evil actions.

The only person responsible for committing the murder of ten innocent people in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday is the alleged shooter Payton Gendron. Who, by the way, is now claiming to be not guilty.

If that’s not a typical leftist, we don’t know what is.

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  1. Yes, it’s not Tucker running around telling people to kill others no matter the reason. In fact Tucker and others keep saying the opposite. It’s these democrats running around telling their followers to riot to tear down the system so the system can be rebuilt up and their rioting seems to result in people being killed and injured. Even on January 6, Trump told the marchers to protest peacefully and it was a congressional guard that killed an unarmed marcher not the other way around. And Tucker also said he asked that the marchers do so peacefully on air. The blame for this mental case that took his anger out on others too far. Like that one news person said, he’s 18 yrs old, what does he have to be angry about?

  2. Carlson is not a racist. He does not sugar coat his words in one particular direction and this is what the Left cannot cope with.
    The Buffalo shooter is an idiot and stupid. These days a radical Islamist is given more passes than a white supremacist.
    The Left has to deal with Tucker Carlson and here is where they seized the opportunity.

  3. well conservatives can blame this heinous crime on liberals in that the shooter was sick and tired of the rioting in this country in the form of fake social justice and wanted to hold rioters accountable for destroying America and killing innocent American civilians, the FBI could’ve stopped this if they weren’t so hell bent on spying on PTA moms, so for me it’s all leftist propaganda that led this deranged young man down the rabbit hole


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