Conservative Radio Host: The Roe Leak Isn’t An Accident, It’s A Distraction… Look What Else Just Happened

(Patriot Insider) – The Supreme Court decision regarding Roe v Wade was “leaked” on Monday but the truth is that this so-called leak just happens to come at the perfect time to cause the perfect distraction.

Nothing divides the American people more than the issue of abortion. There has never been a “leak” from the SCOTUS before, so why now?

Is it just a coincidence that the documentary exposing massive election interference, “2,000 Mules,” just so happens to be coming out this week? The leak occurred on the night before the movie was set to be released.

Of course, the left doesn’t want the American people to see “2,000 Mules.” They won’t be able to claim there’s “no evidence” the 2020 election was stolen any longer. They’re desperate for you not to see it.

We all know the 2020 election was stolen and rigged but it keeps being proven over and over. Angry Democrats insist there’s no “proof” but we know that’s just a lie they tell themselves because CNN and MSNBC convinced them of it.

As a matter of fact, the media’s cover-up of the stolen election is proof itself that the election was stolen.

Conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root has compared the stolen election to a cheating husband or boyfriend. In an Op-Ed for the Western Journal, Root wrote:

But I have a message for female voters, wives and mothers. Ladies, have you ever had a boyfriend or husband cheat on you? Did you need actual proof of your husband cheating to know the truth? Or would this be enough to know for sure?

Your husband comes home at 3 a.m., reeking of booze, lipstick on his collar, the smell of a woman’s perfume on his body, and when you ask him where he’s been, he replies, “Shut up. I did nothing wrong. You’re crazy. You’re a conspiracy theorist. No, you can’t look at my text messages. No, you can’t look at the GPS of my phone. How dare you ask? If you ever talk about this again, I’ll kick you out of this home. Good luck being homeless on the streets.”

What would any woman believe at that point? Do you need any further proof? Or is your husband’s reaction all the proof you need? Are you crazy or a conspiracy theorist for seeing the truth with your own eyes?

Unhinged liberals have lost all ability to be reasonable. They refuse to even so much as look at the evidence that actually does exist. They would never be caught dead watching “2,000 Mules” and even if they did, they would manage to convince themselves it was all a big “conspiracy theory.”

They love to call us crazy while they refuse to see the truth right in front of them. They claim there’s no evidence while refusing to acknowledge any investigations. They want to silence us on all social media platforms because they’re afraid of the truth becoming so undeniable that even they’ll have to admit it.

Their response to the claims that the 2020 election was stolen is all the proof we really need that it was, in fact, stolen.

But beyond that, the writing was on the wall starting on Election Day when President Trump was on his way to another landslide victory when five key states suddenly decided to stop counting votes until the morning, as if that was totally normal.

We all knew at that very moment that the fix was in and sure enough we watched as President Trump’s lead slipped away in state after state and those states eventually turned blue for Biden.

It was outrageous and obvious. Yet, Democrats have insisted there was nothing at all off about the election. They claim it was the “most secure” in US history.

We all know the election was stolen and thanks to movies like “2,000 Mules” we have all the proof we need. Now the real question is, what’s going to be done about it?

It seems like there’s nothing we can do about it. How do we make this situation right when so many Americans are willfully choosing not to see the reality of it?

How do we stop the left from doing it again? How do we know the midterm elections coming up this fall won’t be rigged?

One thing is for sure, the answer is most certainly not to stop voting. Sure, it might seem like your vote doesn’t count when the opposition is rigging the game but if we don’t show up we can’t possibly fight against the corruption.

Keep voting and keep believing that eventually justice will be served.

Copyright 2022.

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  1. I wish I could believe that “justice will eventually be served!” I have seen NO evidence that will ever happen–ESPECIALLY when the GUTLESS Republicans who are SUPPOSED to be the opposition to the conniving, lying, CROOKED Demmunists just lie down and REFUSE to fight the OBVIOUSLY illegal takeover of the Federal government through a clearly-fraudulent election in 2020.

  2. The Supreme Court MUST Overturn Roe v Wade!!!! The existing War on America’s Helpless Babies Must Stop!!! This is America’s Holocaust in Murdering Countless Helpless and Innocent Babies since 1973!!!!! These were America’s future Generation!!!! Now we have Unlawful Illegal Immigrants as America;s Future Generation!!! My God and the Supreme Court Save Us!!!!

  3. Well it sure doesn’t look like the 2020 election will be corrected. Just like the Hunter Biden laptop, by the time the news media and the Congress get around to saying, “looks like we were wrong and the 2020 election was stolen after all”, the Marxist, socialist, democrats will have destroyed much of what made America great and will be worming their way full steam to communism, as was the plan all along. Of course then we will have to take the country back by force. I just can’t understand why all those democrats who used to revere the Kennedy’s, who were against the commies, were just plain old Americans, have to put the country through this, because there is no guarantee that Russia or China won’t use this opportunity to take over the world or that America will even survive the civil war they are starting. But believe me, if they are anywhere even remotely close to success there will be one. Period. This president I refer to as Emperor Biden must go. He is operating beyond the limits of any human decency without any sense of conscience, and most markedly without any expenditure of thought. His handlers must be very proud but they must go as well.

  4. Biden is not in charge he is merely a puppet and that is why he was selected to run for President and why they hid him in his basement all the time. Harris was selected to be Vice President because she is dumber than a brick, inept and a socialist. What Trump referred to as the Shadow Government or the Swamp are the ones who are running things. They are the ones who have set out to destroy our country! And they are the ones who have to be rooted out and exposed. The RINO’S are in on this and have got to go! Because they have been in office for so long they are the ones who have the power over the Republican party! Please people do not vote them back into office!

    • 100% agree, Jeanni. The unelected, senile sock puppet the Deep State SNAKES installed in the White House doesn’t even now what day it is, and it is OBVIOUS that he is not capable of “running” anything! The Uni-Party is alive and well. Those of us who are Conservative and want to stop this abandonment of our Constitution and wholesale destruction of our country and our liberties don’t have many friends in Congress. Most in Congress are self-interested establishment types who are too busy feathering their own nests and afraid to rock the boat for fear of losing their seat on the profitable gravy train railroad they have built for themselves to put up ANY kind of fight. They DO NOT CARE about the rest of us, and are apparently TOO STUPID to see what the conniving Demmunists are doing and what is going to become of our country if they are not stopped. The sad fact is, most career politicians do not even remember the rest of us are out here, unless it’s an election year and they need our votes to punch their tickets for another ride on that gravy train.

  5. It is such an odd thing that the Left do. They want to curb life in societies that do well at every level. Children born in places like the US are in most cases likely to have a good and fulfilling life. And they want to end it.
    Yet many of them work in regions on earth to save lives that in many cases have barely enough to sustain themselves. The children in regions of the southern hemisphere lead a barest existence. Not saying that all people who work in places like Africa are Leftists, but talk to them at length and you will note the close alignment with the Left

  6. In my 80 years i have never seen this country so divided. The first election I witnessed was Truman.was declared the loser and then as the night went on he won. Sure there were a lot of disappointed Republicans because Dewey lost but after a week or two we were one again. They accepted that Truman was the president and we all gathered and followed behind him. But with this latest election it is so hard to believe that Trump lost. This time there were drop boxes and write in ballots that won it for Biden. There were voting machines that were demonstrated to be able to switch the votes from Trump to Biden and in un-believable out comes giving Biden 95 % of the vote where before in the last election it was pretty even. I saw tape of the poll workers sending home people because of a so called flood in the bathrooms of the building and then after they were alone they started pulling boxes upon boxes from under cabinets and pushing thousands of votes into the machines. I saw enough to know it was going on but the left and the FBI and DOJ never did a thing. I feel it was stolen… And look what it got us!

  7. 🗣WTF when are you “We The Idiots” going to learn that the RINOs & DeMONcRAPic Party are the Masters of the Bait and Switch that their Liberal Establishment Social Media & MSM Asswipes use to control what “We The People” are allowed to see and hear, we all must learn to look beyond the Bullshit 🤔💭🏁

  8. The worst President of the United States was Aberham Lincoln. 0He was also elected by the democrats illegally in the Republican Party. Why because these dems had a conspiracy plan to have a war with the Southern States over money. The SOUTH had all the Gold and Silver and the North had there eyes on the rich SOUTH. Also when the South left the Union they were paying 80% to 87%of the total Federal Government revenue. They covered up the War in 1863 by manipulating the blacks only in the South. The NORTHERN SLAVE SHIPS brought slaves from AFRICA AND THE SOUTHERN STATES NEVER SAILED a SHIP TO AFRICA. We’re not a Country untill IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD EIGHTEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE. Most all black indentured slaves were bought from the NORTHERN SLAVE TRADERS. SEE NEW YORK CITY FLAG HAS TWO SLAVE SHIPS ON FLAG FIELD. Aberham Lincoln war on south for living the UNION cost the American people over 650 thousand solders total for both sides and 1 million American civilian casualties and solders died from wounds after war. Aberham Lincoln war on the Souht stood all GOD AND SLIVER from the southern banks and ANYTHING else that they wanted. Burned the SOUTH TO THE GROUND. Also the dems had Lincoln killed, because after wars end Lincoln was going to rebuilt the South.
    Also the dems had President JOHN F. Kennedy killed. Why because he had signed a bill to stop the Vietnam war. What about all the dead PEOPLE de.s or whoever cover up for the Clinton’s. We the people have let this happen over the years. If we the people don’t get involved in our elections and towns our city’s our schools our Country and vote out all the bad people. Because all bad people have to do bad things so that they can go to Hell with there followers and Satan. Dems will not give in because they know the end of this earth age is almost upon us.
    These people are always talking about slave in this COUNTRY’s past. They never say any thing about the black slave in Muslim countries, which is over 750 million slaves today. Also Muslims dont have to take the death vaccine shot. Why??? WE THE PEOPLE OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC NEED TO GET ALL COMMUNIST OUT OF OUR COUNTRY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

  9. This is why Trump was hated so much by the democrats AND republicans in Washington, he exposed them all for what they truly are CORRUPT. He even exposed the fbi, cia and irs. There isn’t a government agency that can be trusted in this country anymore. Every person Trump endorses in the midterms, Republican voters and independent voters should vote for, this will be the only way to get the spineless rino’s out of office. McCarthy needs to go too. We were dooped by boehner, Paul Ryan and now McCarthy. There is no coming back from his deceit and lies. Also my prediction.. Be prepared for Covid to make a come back in October so the democrats can try and get the mail in voting going again and let the cheating begin. What has happened to this country over the passed 10 years is disgusting. Never did I think I would put the United States’ government in the same category as China and Russia but our government has proved to me we truly are no better then them. That was my reality check and what a sad reality check it was.


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