Democrat Mails Thousands Of Incorrect Ballots In High-Profile Election

(Patriot Insider) – Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is currently running in the gubernatorial race, has come out and acknowledged that as many as 6,000 voters received a mail-in ballot that only contained federal races. Once again, we have issues with election integrity, and yet the radical left will continue to insist that there’s nothing wrong with our system.

Just the News reported: “Hobbs, whose campaign is staked largely on defending the integrity of the 2020 elections, said Tuesday the mistake was the result of a database glitch.”

Hobbs then went on to say voters affected by the mistake will receive correct ballots very soon.

Arizona Republican Party nominee for governor, Kari Lake, who has made it a point to keep concerns about voter irregularities and fraud a big piece of her campaign platform, has now called on Hobbs to relinquish her post overseeing the midterms while she’s running on the ballot.

As of now, the race between Hobbs-Lake is deadlocked, as per data from the most recent poll published by Hobbs stated on Tuesday that the issue negatively impacted less than a quarter of one percent of voters and noted the problem has now been corrected.

“When residents of Arizona register to vote or update their registration, an election system accesses their driver’s license records to verify whether they have proof of citizenship. Those without documentation are ineligible to vote in state elections and registered as “federal only” voters, according to the Associated Press,” Just the News noted.

Joseph Weber, a journalist for the publication, then wrote, “The Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that Arizona cannot require documentary proof of citizenship for people to vote in national elections. In response, the state created two classes of voters – one for those who can vote in all races and another for those who can vote only in federal elections.”

KTAR News said, “Hobbs has staked her campaign for governor largely on her staunch defense of the 2020 election in the face of criticism from former President Donald Trump and his allies.”

KTAR recounted that when folks register to vote in the state of Arizona or update their registration, there is an election system which then queries with the Motor Vehicle Division records in order to verify whether or not an individual has proven they are a citizen. People without citizenship documentation on file are not eligible to cast a ballot in state elections and are then registered as being “federal only” voters.

The point here is that Hobbs should not be overseeing the midterms in her state, especially since she herself is on the ballot. This is a clear conflict of interest. Who is to say that she won’t try to cheat in order to win? We’ve witnessed shady practices from the left in previous elections and Hobbs is really close to this one.

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  1. How can any race in this country be even close. The Democrats
    have fouled things up so bad, yet so many still want them in control.
    I think it is mass hysteria, either that or half the people are brain dead.

  2. Whoever sent out those ballots should at minimum be fired and if it was on purpose, be charged with thousands of counts of voter fraud.


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