Denver BLM Protesters Awarded $14 Million In Damages

(Patriot Insider) – It’s bad enough that Black Lives Matter and Antifa radicals caused billions of dollars worth of destruction and damage throughout 2020 with violent riots over so-called racial injustices and were never held accountable for it.

These thugs burned down whole sections of cities and stole millions in merchandise from businesses and never got even so much as a slap on the wrists. Meanwhile, the Jan. 6 protesters have been treated like domestic terrorists.

To make matters worse, a federal jury has just recently awarded $14 million in compensatory and punitive damages to 12 BLM protesters who were supposedly injured by police during a “mostly peaceful” protest over the death of George Floyd.

Apparently, BLM protesters in Denver, Colorado, had their constitutional rights violated by police who were doing their jobs but the residents of Denver did not have their rights violated when these violent protesters decided to destroy their city.

The jury decided that the protesters’ rights were violated by the Denver police over the use of less-lethal weapons in their attempts to break up the riot.

One of the city’s lawyers, Lindsay Jordan, told the jury, “The violence and destruction that occurred around the community required intervention.”

As was the case in countless other cities across America.

The protesters sued the city and the county of Denver and former police officer Jonathan Christian, who was accused of shooting current state legislative candidate Elisabeth Epps with a pepper ball.

“The jurors found Christian violated Epps’ Fourth Amendment rights and awarded her $250,000 in punitive damages. They denied her First Amendment claims against him,” the Denver Gazette reports. “At trial the two sides disputed whether the pepper ball fired by Christian actually hit Epps. She said after the verdict came down it had felt ‘disorienting’ for the city to challenge her account of what she experienced.”

Well, of course, because leftists feel entitled to their own version of “truth” whether or not it aligns with actual facts.

You know, “believe women” and all that.

Attorneys for the rioters claimed their clients never took part in assaulting police officers or destroying property.

The payouts are as follows:

-Claire Sannier: $1 million
-Stanford Smith: $1 million
-Zachary Packard: $3 million
-Sara Fitouri: $1 million
-Maya Rothlein: $1 million
-Amanda Blasingame: $1 million
-Joe Deras: $1 million
-Elle Taylor: $1 million
-Ashlee Wedgeworth, $750,00
-Jackie Parkins: $1 million
-Elisabeth Epps: 1 million in compensatory damages, $250,000 in punitive damages
-Hollis Lyman: $1 million

Denver isn’t the only city paying out millions to radical left activists. NBC News reports, “in Austin, Texas, officials have agreed to pay over $13 million to people injured in protests in May 2020, and 19 officers have been indicted for their actions against protesters. Last month, two police officers in Dallas accused of injuring protesters after firing less lethal munitions were charged.”

We have reached peak absurdity in America, folks.

Radical leftists engage in violent, riotous behavior that resulted in billions of dollars worth of damage that they are not responsible for paying, now they’re the ones getting paid.

It’s utter lunacy.

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