Did Biden Just Try To Give A Handshake To A Ghost?

(Patriot Insider) – It’s ironic how the left has the audacity to question the mental condition of Russian President Vladimir Putin when their very own leader is clearly mentally checked out. Joe Biden is an absolute embarrassment and has quickly become the laughing stock of the entire world.

As has become par for the course, Joe Biden appeared confused at the conclusion of a public speech he gave on Thursday. After speaking at North Carolina A&T State University, Biden offered a handshake to his right. The only problem is no one was standing there.

It sure did look like Biden was attempting to shake hands with a ghost or maybe an imaginary friend.

After attempting to shake the ghost’s hand, he walked away from the podium and looked confused, as usual.

Biden was completely alone on stage but appears to think there is someone standing right next to him. Even after completely turning to his right, he still thought someone was there as evidenced by the fact that he rather assertively extended his hand.

Biden then awkwardly turned around on stage a few times before aimlessly walking off. Biden likely forgot how he got up to the podium in the first place and was looking for his exit.

During his speech, Biden made repeated claims that the crushing inflation and skyrocketing gas prices being felt by Americans is primarily the fault of Vladimir Putin.

“What people don’t know is that 70% of the increase in inflation was the consequence of Putin’s price hike because of the impact on oil prices,” Biden said.

Vladimir Putin has become the man the left loves to hate and they want you and I and all Americans to hate him too. They’re counting on all of us to refuse to use our brains and think for ourselves. They’re depending on us to not see what is clearly obvious.

The war between Russia and Ukraine came at just the perfect time for Biden and his regime to shift the blame to Putin for the economic woes and crises they have caused. If you actually believe that Putin is the cause of all of America’s troubles, this is your reality check.

Inflation started consistently rising from the moment Joe Biden was fraudulently sworn into office, a whole year before Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.

The left wants you to stay focused on hating Putin and standing with Ukraine though. It takes attention away from the constant gaffes and awkward moments from our so-called president.

Just a few days prior to Biden’s attempting to shake a ghost’s hand, it appeared as though a bird defecated on him during a speech at an Iowa ethanol plant and just last week he was totally ignored by a crowd of Washington Democrats during an event at his own White House.

The crowd, which included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former president Barack Obama, literally pretended as if Biden wasn’t even there. It was truly embarrassing and pathetic.

Nobody appears to like Biden. Not even his own crowd. Americans certainly don’t. His approval ratings have reached dismal new lows and it’s no wonder. Nobody is buying the whole “Putin price hike” narrative and Biden’s obvious state of mental decline cannot be ignored.

2024 cannot come soon enough.

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  1. It was always Russia, Russia, Russia ad nauseam with the democrats when Trump was in office. Now it’s Putin, Putin, Putin as the democrats search for yet more excuses for their ineptitude in every policy they’ve attempted and failed. How much longer must the American people endure this travesty?

  2. This just shows U how Dementia ridden this BOZO really is. He probably kisses in the closet when he gets up in the Middle of the NIGHT ! Or he wipes his *utt with Shower Curtain dr. Jilly isn’t around.


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