Dirty Tricks: Firm Hillary Hired Fed Media Bogus Reports On Trump

(Patriot Insider) – According to a report from WND, Special Counsel John Durham has uncovered some new, very explosive evidence to support his current working theory that Hillary Clinton, in an attempt to try and distract folks from paying attention to the investigation launched into her email scandal and beat Donald Trump in the 2016 election, worked with Russians and the mainstream media to try and smear the GOP candidate with the ridiculous Russia collusion hoax.

In a court filing earlier this month, the special counsel stated the evidence in his probe of the Obama administration’s investigation of the now-debunked allegations that Trump worked with Russia to tamper with the election and help him win the 2016 election, is leading him to conclude that Clinton, along with her operatives and her campaign, formed a “joint venture or conspiracy” to try and undermine Trump during the race.

“Durham already has presented evidence that indicted Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann falsely told the FBI he was not working on behalf of any client when he delivered to the bureau the bogus claim that Trump had a secret communication channel with the Kremlin at the Moscow-based Alfa Bank to hijack the election. The false allegations against Trump ended up on the front pages of major newspapers citing anonymous sources familiar with the FBI probe,” WND reported.

“Now, the Washington Times reported Tuesday, Durham has obtained evidence that undermines the last line of defense for Sussmann and the Clinton campaign: that the campaign hired the research firm Fusion GPS to do legal work, and the firm’s actions, therefore, are protected by attorney-client privilege,” the report continued.

“Ahead of the upcoming trial of Sussmann, a former partner at the Clinton campaign’s law firm Perkins Coie, Durham obtained hundreds of emails showing employees of Fusion GPS peddled to journalists unverified allegations against Trump,” the report added.

Folks who are tied to Clinton’s presidential campaign attempted to prevent the damning evidence out of the trial by asserting that Fusion GPS’ “research” for the campaign should be protected under attorney-client privilege. This should be enough to tell you that these people knew good and well that what they were doing was wrong.

The Times went on to state in a report that the Fusion GPS emails sent out to various news outlets led to the New York Times and Reuters articles concerning the FBI investigating the now-debunked Alfa Bank story.

“The Fusion hired hands also peddled a false story published by the Wall Street Journal about a Trump adviser meeting with a former KGB official close to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” WND said. “And, among many more stories, was a Washington Post article about the false claim that a Trump campaign adviser was investing in Russia.”

“Fusion GPS was the firm that commissioned the infamous dossier of bogus, salacious claims about Trump – later shown to be sourced by anonymous Russian operatives – that was the catalyst for the Obama Justice Department’s investigation of alleged Trump-Russia collusion. Earlier this month, the Federal Election Commission fined Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee for hiding its funding of the debunked dossier,” the report explained.

Senior Clinton campaign official Marc Elias, who worked alongside Sussman at Perkins Coie, is the one who pushed the dossier over to the FBI. The document itself was primary evidence that was presented to a secret FISA court in order to obtain warrants that were used to spy on the Trump campaign.

Elias, working along with Clinton campaign officials John Podesta and Robby Mook, have continued to insist in affidavits in the Sussman case that Fusion GPS was hired to give legal advice in order to help avoid liability for defamation or libel.

“But Durham argued in a court filing that if the derogatory material is privileged, Fusion GPS would have exercised caution, seeking permission or guidance from the Clinton campaign, before dishing it to reporters and the public,” the report from WND stated.

Durham then went on to reason that “if the purpose of Fusion GPS’s retention was — as Mr. Elias implies — to determine the bounds of what could (and could not) be said publicly without committing libel or defamation, then the record would reflect genuine efforts to remain within those bounds.”

“And it would do so confidentially,” he then said.

“Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel noted last Friday that top Fusion GPS executives Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch boasted in their 2019 book ‘Crime in Progress: The Secret History of the Trump-Russia Investigation’ that they were hired by the Clinton campaign’s law firm Perkins Coie to dig up dirt on Trump,” the report said.

That presents a bit of a problem for the campaign’s defense in the Durham investigation, she noted.

“It’s tough for Fusion and others to claim their work product is privileged when they ladled it out to the press and agencies and profited from a book that openly describes internal discussions with Perkins Coie,” Strassel noted.

John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence, stated during a recent interview that he is expecting many more indictments during the Durham criminal inquiry.

“And that’s based upon documents, some of which — many of which are not yet declassified,” Ratcliffe then explained in a recent episode of “The Charlie Kirk Show.”

“Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., the ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, told the Washington Times that Durham is exposing the Clinton campaign’s ‘political dirty tricks,'” the report stated.

“We’ve known for quite some time what happened here. And what the Durham indictments are just proving is how not only complicit but the Clinton campaign did this. They literally did this,” Johnson remarked.

“What the Clinton campaign did in terms of political dirty tricks — we are still putting up with the repercussions,” he continued. “Would Vladimir Putin have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still in office? That’s an interesting question.”

What we need is for this investigation to continue until all of the involved parties are exposed, so that we can hide them and make sure there is some accountability for those who orchestrated this plot against Trump and ultimately against the American people.

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