Disturbing Footage: Busload Of Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Arrive In Texas Under Cover Of Darkness

(Patriot Insider) – Joe Biden’s border crisis is going to be negatively affecting Americans for years and decades to come. Once all of the millions of illegal aliens who have come to the US since Biden fraudulently took office get enrolled in our welfare systems, taxes are going to go through the roof.

That’s exactly what Joe Biden’s globalist handlers are going for. They want open borders. They want to destroy America’s economic success. They want to bring all Americans into poverty so that the ruling elite class can emerge.

What better way to do that then open the floodgates on illegal immigration?

These are not immigrants coming to America looking for a way to work for a better life. These aren’t immigrants looking to assimilate to American culture. These aren’t immigrants who come here with respect to our laws and want to go through the proper channels to become citizens.

No. The illegal aliens flooding our southern border and coming here with the sole intention of living the good life on American welfare where everything will be given to them free of charge.

These people are literally coming here to abuse our welfare systems and cash in on the American taxpayers’ dime and it should upset and bother every single American.

Infowars caught a disturbing moment on film in South Texas when dozens of pregnant illegal alien women were bussed in and taken to a makeshift COVID-19 testing facility.

The Infowars camera crew and reporter Owen Shroyer captured dozens of pregnant women being processed in downtown McAllen, Texas, around 9 PM Monday evening (watch the video here).

What is the story here? How did all of these pregnant women get isolated and put in this group together and why?

As Shroyer pointed out the video, these women have come to the US with nothing. No skills, no resources, and no means to take care of themselves or their unborn babies.

The only thing they’re coming here for is to cash in on Biden’s promise that if they just make it to our southern border, America will give them everything they could ever want and need for free.

“When are they getting pregnant? Are they getting pregnant on their long journey up here?” questioned Shroyer. “Are they being separated because they’re pregnant?”

If they are being separated because they’re pregnant, what is the reasoning behind that decision?

Some of the pregnant women even had other small children with them. The large group was filmed being watchfully escorted to the COVID facility by the McAllen Police Department.

After the illegal women were tested they were then walked to the Catholic Charities building which made headlines last week after Alex Jones stopped an illegal smuggling operation there last week.

Shroyer pointed out that facility operators implored the police to keep the media away. They don’t want Americans to see just how dire and grim the situation along the border truly is.

They don’t want Americans to see how they’re being complicit in Joe Biden’s illegal alien pipeline that will inevitably do great harm to Americans’ way of life and our economic health.

Flashback Video: Alex Jones Stops Smugglers From Illegally Transporting Children At The Border

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  1. This is precisely why we need to examine people that want to come here so we don’t get the dregs of the world in America and demean our nation. That’s why we have POS like Biden and Harris. All of these people need to apply for entrance to America so we can vet them, qualify them for citizenship, check their health and medical condition so they won’t infect us and our children. Biden is too dumb to know that. His whole admin should be removed to protect the US.

  2. NO CITIZENSHIP’ for babies of pregnant women or their babies crossing our borders illegally!! Cancel, now if born on US soil is automatically a citizen!!!! We are being taken advantage of! “Our own children” should be taken care of first. Send them back to their country of origin by plane!! They are Highjacking our laws! They clean out their country and overload ours without our consent!! Sorry, but I don’t have any pity on people going to the cartels to come here illegally!


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