Elon Musk Says The Unspeakable About The Trans Movement… And The Left Is Seriously Ticked Off

(Patriot Insider) – The left is completely out of touch with reality. Not only do they completely deny the basic truths of biology, all while claiming to be the party of science, they also have absolutely zero tolerance for dissenting viewpoints.

They can’t handle hearing someone disagree with their radical thoughts and ideology and many of them become triggered to the point of acting like crazed, violent terrorists.

All while declaring, “love wins.”

Just look at the venom being spewed at former liberal hero Elon Musk all because he dared to say there are only two genders and that there are differences between them.

Musk triggered leftists Twitter zealots after he pointed out that transgender activists insist there are no differences in genders while also promoting sex-change surgeries for anyone who decides they were born the wrong gender.

It truly is mind-boggling.

The left insists that “gender norms” are a “social construct” and that they don’t really exist. Boys should be free to play with dolls and girls should be free to play with trucks without the constraints of “gender norms” being forced on them.

However, the very second a little boy decides to play with a doll the left adamantly insists he must be a girl!

The hypocrisy is very real and Musk is right to call it out.

Don’t expect radical leftist transgender ideologues to be reasoned with, however.

“We are simultaneously being told that gender differences do not exist and that genders are so profoundly different that irreversible surgery is the only option,” the Tesla billionaire wrote in a Twitter post on Saturday.

“Perhaps someone wiser than me can explain this dichotomy.”

Triggered leftists jumped all over him with vicious personal attacks rather than addressing his observation which has been expressed by countless people before him.

(WARNING: Offensive language)

This particularly unhinged leftist claimed Musk is “killing people RIGHT NOW.” It doesn’t get much more absurd than that.

Others attempted to make Musk out to be the one who is completely unreasonable by falsely asserting that trans activists don’t act like gender differences exist.

The truth is, trans activists make routine arguments that there is essentially no differences between the genders. That’s the entire premise behind the argument to allow biologically male athletes to compete against women in women’s sports.

Trans activists insist there are no physical advantages enjoyed by biological males over women.

Time and time again, when “trans women” compete against biological women they completely annihilate them because of their physical advantages from having been born a male. This is settled science. Anyone who denies it is completely unhinged from reality.

A man does not magically turn into a woman simply because he feels like one or because he wears lipstick or a dress.

But don’t dare speak the truth. Leftists have shown they have zero tolerance for it and their willingness to become violent is the real threat to America.

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  1. OH ! Did Soon Musk tell the TRUTH and the Poor Little Left -Wing doesn’t like what is Said. Poor Left Democratic Socialist/Communist Party OH !


  3. Contrary to what some think, God created man and woman, male and female to propagate the species. Change that and in time we cease to exist, period.

  4. I got told that it’s women not having babies is the fault of churches closing down. Not because the damn churches cave in and bring LGBT agenda right through the doors of our churches and now we have to have two people and a third one with kids if there are lots of kids because of the homosexuals let into the church. They save they believe in Jesus and don’t stop going after kids. That is not believing in Jesus continuing your sin. Jesus said “Go forth and sin no more.” That teaching doesn’t exist for lGBT people, they expect you to okay their sexual activity and offer up your kids to homosexual adult teachers. It ain’t women not having babies who are to blame for people leaving churches. Women having babies don’t want to offer their kids to LGBT sexual adult activity or teaching and so they leave the church and find one who isn’t letting Satan through their church doors and still have two adults or three teaching the kids any way just in case someone is a hidden LGBT.

  5. They are trying their damnedest to vilify the richest and most successful man on earth. They are society’s degenerates. Not content with what they are they are bent on taking everyone down the sewer to keep them company.
    Not so easily.

  6. The left has become the party of intolerance by contorting themselves around truth. They meet your perceived intolerance with their own steadfast intolerance. The proponents of the LGBTQ agenda do not care about facts – only feelings. One can not engineer their way out of their inherent sexual identity. We are created beings which are designed in every way, from the microscopic to the whole body, to be what we were created to be. Every strand of DNA in EVERYONES body is a blueprint of the individuals identity. You can not change that with lipstick and reassignment surgery. All the window dressing is just an attempt to sell the unwitting consumer a false bill of goods. The transgendered are perfectly aware that they are lying to themselves, but have not gotten the memo that the rest of us can see right through them. The transgender community knows that their cause is literally fantasy, but they will accept affirmation from any stooge that wants to curry their favor for power and profit, which is where the liberal left is specialized.


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