Epic: CNN Finally Forced To Admit Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Refusal To Lockdown Is “Paying Off”

(Patriot Insider) – While Democratic governors coast to coast locked down their states and forced residents to comply with absurd mandates and orders, Republican governors, for the most part, took a different approach and respected Americans’ rights and freedoms.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo locked down his state with some of the most strict and oppressive rules and regulations and New York is certainly not better for it. Not only is New York in need of a federal bail-out, the death toll in the state was the highest in the country and the lockdowns did nothing to help that either.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis refused to do anymore than what he thought was absolutely necessary. There were no statewide lockdowns. Fiscally, Florida is right where they should be with no deficit. The death toll was significantly better than states like New York despite having a high population of elderly, high-risk residents.

Despite these facts, the leftist sycophant media pushed the COVID narrative to the fullest extent which meant demonizing governors like DeSantis and praising governors like Cuomo.

Now it looks like CNN has finally been forced to admit that maybe DeSantis has made the right choices in his state. All while Cuomo is in the middle of a nursing home scandal that should see him face criminal charges.

CNN admitted that DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic is “paying off” as the state is recording fewer COVID deaths per capita and the economy is booming.

“A year into the pandemic, Florida is booming and Republican Gov. DeSantis is taking credit,” writes CNN’s Jeff Zeleny.

“As many parts of the country embark on an uneasy march toward normalcy, Florida is not only back in business — it’s been in business for the better part of the past year.”

Zeleny added that DeSantis’ “laissez faire approach appears to be paying off — at least politically, at least for now, as other governors capturing attention in the opening phase of the pandemic now face steeper challenges.”

The CNN writer acknowledged that despite the fact that Floridians had fewer rules and restrictions that other states run by Democrat governors, the state has had “about 8% fewer deaths per capita” than the US overall.

CNN was one of the worst critics of DeSantis. Drew Holden even claimed on Twitter that DeSantis was putting politics before lives. Of course, this was never true. DeSantis was doing what any good governor in America should have done during the pandemic.

Infowars reports that Florida’s unemployment rate is at just 4.8% compared to 6.8% in Texas, 8.8% in New York and 9% in California.

“DeSantis suddenly appears to be in a position of strength compared to some of his fellow governors, including many of whom took far more restrictive approaches to the fight against coronavirus that caused a trickle-down effect on the economy,” admitted CNN.

Ouch. We give them credit for breaking with the tired old leftist propaganda talking points for once.

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